Video: As promised

Sorry for the big watermark. I am having conversion issues and this was the easiest way to go. At the end of the video, upon looking into the dumpster, I gasp a bit and the video cuts out. It is very sad, but little recycling is going on right now. Sorry, cardboard.



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2 responses to “Video: As promised

  1. Brooke

    Progress progress — it’s so exciting!
    Le Petit Ange and I watched most of your video — his sensory system was overstimulated so I wanted to compress him and keep his brain occupied for a few moments (usually we do this in his hammock swing but today it was my arms — luckily I am v. strong, all due to him, and my upper arms look great, all due to him — bless you hypotonia! [I’m kidding — curse you hypotonia]).
    I think you are so smart to have this video — when your kitchen is all done you’ll be able to look at this (or maybe not — I’m not a big fan for revisiting) and say “PHEW!”
    (One of) My pet name(s) for my kiddos is “bubbe,” short for the Yiddish “bubbeleh”: it kinda sounds like your “babu,” no? But I think they have different meanings.
    Vegan cupcakes — for the five months we were without a kitchen “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World” was my version of porn … ah sweet memories. Now it’s a rerun of “Law & Order” and a cup of kocha and no, I am not joking. In the winter it’s a copy of the “High Country Gardens” catalogue. While our kitchen was being done I lost 25lbs — no baking! Of course once it was done I put 35lbs on, which makes no sense as I am really good at math. Hmm.
    The Banana is down for his nap so I am back out to the garden — lavender, hyssop (love you, hyssop!), catmint and some white hydrangeas for Mr. Gyoza in the “Japanese” corner.
    And OF COURSE I’m a chipper cutie! I’m a serial hugger & kisser — I try to respect if others are not huggers, though. Although I think you were just surprised at my coloring — fair fair fair, oui, c’est moi.

  2. I just watched the worst episode of LAw and Order SVU that a pregnant woman could watch. Episode name: Paternity. Totally crazy, had me bawling.

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