Today’s Mail

Recently Orion @ Horton Brasses (my most favoritest family owned cabinet hardware makers in the entire universe), sent me an email that the sand cast decorative Victorian bin pulls I so adore in the antique finish would, upon release of their newest catalog, be available in the not yet seen before nickel finish.

Oh really!

I thought about it for a few days, trying to accept the decisions that I have already made for the kitchen. and then I ordered four. Won’t this be such an elegant kick on the double drawer stacks next to my big sink? Let me answer that for you. Yes! They will be!

Me being the illiterate, yet highly qualified, language arts teacher in training (oh how I would like to consult my magic eight ball on this one, but I will wait until the kitchen is finished), did not understand that (I think) he asked me in an email whether I preferred satin or polished nickel

Polished Nickel Cast Victorian Bin Pull photographed against the lovely UNICEF card from Horton Brasses. Ahhhh, a company with a conscience.

I never gave an answer, so Orion made the decision for me. Polished nickel! Isn’t it gorgeous? Yes! It is! Serendipitously (I never use that word correctly, but at least I try), I wanted to incorporate polished nickel into my hardware schema, but again, when would it ever end? So out with the SN bin pulls and in with the Victorian Bling!

Inside the card. Does doing business get any cuter than this! Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better hardware shopping experience.

My kitchen wonderland wouldn’t be complete without the proper cooking paraphernalia. Since I wasn’t getting a custom built brick pizza oven (that would be so completely indulgent and luxurious, despite the sweat factor), I put a lot of thought into making my oven pizza-ready without voiding the warranty.

At first I thought about having a soapstone box built that could be inserted into the oven for pizza baking. Soapstone is my love and it also has tremendous heat retaining qualities. And what would I do with the box when it wasn’t in the oven? Seemed bulky, what to speak of heavy.

I checked the M. Teixeira website and found 18″ x 18″  barocca tiles on sale. I ordered three (one for each oven racks) and they arrived today. The barocca soapstone is gorgeous, flecked with fairy sparkles and streaked with wide, defined white veining. I am sure it will develop a beautiful patina from the pizza baking and is making me very excited to get my slightly less beautiful (but incredibly more affordable) Belvedere soapstone sink.

Barocca Soapstone 19" x 19" Tile from M. Teixeira

Unoiled Barocca Soapstone and Polished Carrara Marble

I am loving the marble and unoiled soapstone together. It is going to look so hot with creamy white cabs!


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