Update on Yesterday

Yesterday Chris really got cracking on the electrical. He put a new box in for the kitchen and installed our first outlet. The guys were under the house doing something or other and today I believe that the electrical work will continue. Maybe KD will even hook our ac back up. I hope so.

I am really crabby. Home, hot and knocked up. The heat makes me feel sick. This morning while cooking lunch for my kids we ran out of propane for our camp stove. Thankfully the soak method worked well for the half boiled pasta.

Now I am on my way to meet the midwife. Provided everything goes just swell, we are planning to have a home birth in January. The grand finale’ for my child bearing career!

This is the wall where the range will live. The hood will mount 30" above the cooktop with an 18" soffit, to be tiled, above.

We need a place to hang our coats so this closet, adjacent to the dining room, is the closest we could get it to the back door-our entry door. The space on the right will be large enough to add shelving and allow a pantry space if needed.

Dungenous Kitchen. Looks pretty dark now that the walls are back up but I am hopeful that lots of lighting and a wall of white will brighten up the place.

Our jalousie windows--aka ja-LOUSY windows. These louvered windows barely shut. And it's not just because they were installed in '62. Such is the design. Twenty six windows will be switched out in the next few days. Only one tiny one in the kitchen.

We love Central Builder Supplies. Here's their truck delivering my mill finish windows. I really really really did not want white. Our new door, however, will be blanco.

Yesterday I wanted to do something very pregnant: eat a cupcake at 10 o'clock in the morning. Unfortunately, Karma Cream is experiencing "summer hours" and was closed. Damn college town.

Yesterday was a hard day for all of us. Heat. Hammering. Crabby Mata. Here, my crabby Babi fell asleep at the table with a bowl of cooling yogurt in front of her. She was screaming and crying moments before she passed out.


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