Knee Wall

After getting quite annoyed with the male owner of Karma Cream because he would not allow me to reserve or pay for cupcakes over the phone, I went to pick up my kids and hoped for the best that the few cupcakes the shop had would be there by the time I grocery shopped, drove to Gainesville to pick up the kids from art studio and then drove to the other side of Gainesville to get the cupcakes. I am not the kind of person to get all in a dither about such uncertainties in life. For crying out loud, I laughed when I found out my $3,000 sink was in South Bend, Indiana. But come on. You can’t put some cupcakes aside for me? Really?

It would not be such a big deal if I had an oven or if vegan cupcakes were available for sale elsewhere. Ahem, I should clarify–good vegan cupcakes. So I know the getting annoyed was all my fault and I apologized to Mr. Karma Cream. But still. Really?

Anyway, it gave me some ideas about how I want to handle my own business dealings, especially when it comes to chocolate pastries.

Upon returning home, the guys were not here. Dinner break? Maybe. But I left them their cupcakes and proceeded to snap away at the progress. Not so noticeable. Chris said that he could have wired two kitchens by now. But hey, I warned him at the start that this was not a standard kitchen. And there just needs to be a lot of light since the window situation is prison-like.

Here are the pics. There is a video on the bottom of this post. Like the pics, not that thrilling if you are not really in my kitchen loop, so no obligation on your part to watch. But, if you want a sense of how hot and crabby and mean to my kids I am these days, click on that play button! Maybe I will become more patient when the ac gets turned back on. And maybe then I will lose that insane-woman-really-high condescending-voice-I am keeping myself from screaming at you-thing that you will hear me doing.

I hope so.

And for all the sweetie readers sending me personal emails and such, I appreciate it so much! I am beginning my nausea stage so I might be a little slow on the replies. Oh, by the way–met the midwives today. Should be a good match!

New mill finish windows. The large, horizontal one in the back has obscured glass--which kind of looks like cheap plastic diner soda cups, but will definitely work to hid the hideous shed off the dining room view while still letting in much needed light.

This cute little aluminum window will go in our office. Right now the spot is occupied by a really old, really broken box ac. The original floor plan of the house refers to this room as the "library." We have our desk in there and my husband also built a storage loft (hey, we are from the NE and expect a house to have storage!). I guess they wanted to keep the books extra cool and dry.

Box AC

Florida cult markings.

More windows and a shot of our hideous shed. The triple window looks out onto it.

Knee Wall

***Sadly, my very boring home movie tour of our electrical boxes won’t load. I will try again tomorrow.


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