Recipe Box

I know. Just use Google Documents. But sometimes it’s nice to have a recipe written down. On paper. So you can splash oil on it and get gobs of flour crusted onto the page, effecting a scratch and sniff with topography.

Currently, my favorite recipes are scattered across books and painstakingly scrawled in a journal-like notebook meant for jotting down one’s innermost teenage thoughts. Apparently, I bare my soul in half sticks of butter, cups of flour and immodest measures of spice. I try to get recipes onto this blog thing whenever I can, because sharing is a virtue. But still. I want a box I can easily flip through and actually feel my recipe collection.

Months ago I spotted the perfect recipe box. Tin and teal. Yes, Martha made it. I didn’t buy it because I figured she would always be selling it.

This is cute, no?

But I can’t find it for sale online anywhere. Just in red. I like red. But I don’t want red to take over my kitchen.

My color scheme shares similarities with this kitch. Yes, red looks good. But definitely it can overwhelm the scene quickly.

My quest for a recipe box proves to be another revelation of how this world is imperfect (so spiritual of me, no?).

This vintage tin recipe box is perfect. Except for the color. Army green? Olive is a sweet color, but it really won't do itself justice in my happy kitchen. This recipe box, available on Etsy, needs a more serious, adult home to live in.

Another vintage box on Etsy. Just not sure if this one is cute or not.

Here's the one I am leaning towards. Cons--too big (12"!), missing drawer spring and a bit more than i wanted to spend on a recipe box. Pros-total vintage cuteness! There is also a red one of these available on Ebay for much less. But, it's red.

Decoupaged recipe box. Cute. Handmade to order. Wood box. I like it. I just don't know if I could live with a non-solid design. Maybe I could.

Hopefully the difficulty finding a non-offensive, appropriately retro recipe box will be the worst of my problems today. Off to make my kids’ school lunches. No recipes required.



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5 responses to “Recipe Box

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I’ll be back!
    Thanks for stopping by Atticmag and commenting on the Tailored White Kitchen.


  2. I feel guilty right about now. I have 3 of those teal Martha recipe boxes. BUT I do live in Canada and there is no store that sells Martha here. Nothing. And people roll their eyes when I say this but I LOVE Martha.

    I bought them over the last year and a half on 2 shopping trips to Los Angeles…..and they’ve been saved waiting to live in my new kitchen. I got them from Macy’s. Have you tried in store or have you only checked on-line?

    • sabjimata

      Oh, Charlene! Three? Three? One for baking? One for entrees? And one for….crafting ideas? I have many a friend who loves Martha. It’s definitely allowed.

      They don’t sell these things in Canada? I don’t understand. You have free healthcare but no Martha Stewart products? Sounds like Cuba!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I should check the store. You are right. But I hate going to the mall. I hate the part of town the mall is in (busy) and I hate how there are no windows (scary).

      It is really crazy how difficult it is to find a good recipe box. And it is nuts that the teal, her signature color, would be sold out!

      Enjoy your recipe boxes…although I think they would look better in my kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Positano

    Could you get the green or red one and spray paint it?

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