My 15 Foot Island

I recently received an email from a reader asking how big my kitchen was going to be in order to accommodate a 15′ island.

Medium. Not medium big. Just medium.

I know it may seem that with a 52″ X 180″ island, I must have a kitchen suitable for a McMansion but that is certainly not the case. We have a medium sized house and will have a medium sized kitchen to match. See, our kitchen will be a galley, so the island is actually the second rail of the galley layout–but with an escape route on either end. There will be cabs on both sides, so in that sense, I guess it does qualify as an island. But it is not as though there are two full walls of wall cabs.

Below are some pics of similar galley layouts. While I think it would be nice to have another 18′ of countertops (and I would just do a straight run of uninterrupted countertops on another wall), I don’t think my family would much appreciate losing a good third of the house to my hobby.


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