Boring Pictures, Exciting Times

Below are pics from yesterday, a slow day in the world of our remodel. Today on the other hand, a day that has not yet been photographed, really was crazy. Everyone was here–Chris, Vrindy, Lotus and KD. We had the filled to the gills 20 yard dumpster picked up and a new one dropped in its place. Our driveway is cracking and our lawn churned as a result of the heavy back and forth.

Tomorrow morning I need to call for the framing inspection. Plywood is up in the kitchen and the space is back to developing rickets from a lack of natural lighting, although it is definitely not as cavernous as the original layout. Hey, you know what I realize just this very second? I never measure the space of our original kitchen! So, really, I have no idea in numbers just what an improvement this is going to be. That is so like me.

I am very pleased that the back wall of the kitchen will be head to toe white on white (save for the sink and the lower cabinet hardware. And the fridge. Too bad for the fridge. You know I would have loved one of these glass front refrigerators, but our fridge is a-ok and only 5 years old. And besides, I like my fridge. I do believe it was some sort of “I love you” present from my husband. Obviously, if you want to buy me something, kitchen related wares are always appropriate. Just in case you were feeling generous 😉 And yes, my baby registry will consist of things like a commercial countertop deep fryer and ice cream maker. Because the kid is going to have to eat!

But back on point. I am really so excited. They guys are working their asses off and moving along so quickly. Chris is working on the electric already. My monster soapstone sink is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Crated, it weighs 660 lbs. Within the next two days my ranges, weighing in at 450 lbs each, will make their appearance. Cabinets may (or may not) be in next week, however, the guys think they are no where near ready for them. There is a lot of electrical to be done and Chris is estimating it at a week. But seriously, the way this guy works, he will probably have a few days off before the cabinets arrive.

We are changing out the double entry door for a slider, even though that door is pretty new. Because of the steps the door has to open in and I don’t want to deal with the space loss in my new sanctum. And with the door switched out, I decided to email Ted, my stoneman, to see if I can make my 8′ marble table a 9′ marble table. Husband thinks it is ridiculous, but even he admits he lacks my vision. I hope to hear from him tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to file the permit request for the windows, buy a couple of outdoor light fixtures at Lowes, call Gene @ permits for the framing inspection, wait around for my sink and just be pregnant, eat sweat sleep.

And think about soup. I would love soup. Potato asparagus. Creamy fresh tomato. Celery. Thick and smooth, hot and salty. Soup. I would love soup. If I had a kitchen, I would cook it.

Yesterday’s pics coming right up:

Temporary walls down.

Inside the kitchen proper.

My UPS Man, my hero! Hanuman made us a pancake breakfast yesterday. His stunning wife made ginormo pb cookies and a hearty fruit salad to keep us full for the day. Oink oink.

Surprisingly, this is not the first remodel our kitchen has suffered through. The original wallpaper was revealed and, with yellow goblets and ridged texture, has way more personality than the fleur de lis inspired ugly wallpaper we lived with. Other proof of a remodel--our kitchen's ceiling was drywall, not cement and plaster like the rest of the house.

This is my old 40" sink. My new sink is going to kick this sink's ass.



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2 responses to “Boring Pictures, Exciting Times

  1. Look how freakin’ adorable you are! Wow your old sink is awesome so I can only imagine how amazing your kitchen is going to be if that sink’s not even going to compare to the new one.

    • Awwww…that was in 2007, so my cuteness has definitely decreased since then 😉

      Thanks for the comment. Got your sweet email and will post about my island (you can decide if it really qualifies as an island) maybe tonite.

      Have a great day in Canada (your last name really throws me off)

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