My Sink is in South Bend!

If my sink could send me a post card, this would be it.

Today was delivery day for my sink. My 60″ double bowl soapstone slab sink. My sink that, once crated, weighs in at 660 pounds. Fahrenheit. From Jersey City to Alachua, Florida, my sink was going to kind of follow my own trail of tears from my homeland from which I must now toil in exile.

Except I never took a detour to South Bend, Indiana.




But my sink?


Poor sink. At 3pm today, the ABF truck arrived. I was in Gainesville taking my son to his mrdanga mrdanga lesson so he won’t resent me for raising him a super good looking Hare Krishna boy with bitchin’ hair and abs of steel without the real super power to make him stand out in a crowd. Just as I was pulling up to his lessons, the cellie rang. It was Chris, our main construction man (yes, we worship the stinky, sweaty, filthy white t-shirts this guy wears…his work is that good!). There was a problem

ABF guy did not have a sink in his truck. No.

No. No. No. ABF guy had two slabs of soapstone. Was the sink RTA? Despite knowing better, the thought did cross my mind. Not only was the shipment wrong, but it was cracked. I talked to Lotus and Vrindy before we left to get the kids and asked them to inspect the delivery before signing. And thankfully, that’s what they did.

But the weird thing was, the ABF guy was not going for it. He was not accepting the fact that they were rejecting the shipment, despite the massive cracks in somebody else’s slabs. So I had to come home to say, “Nope, I ordered a sink.” And still, the guy wanted to show me the crack. Yeah, okay. So, like, can you go now?

He refused to calle Michelle (who is fabulous) at M. Teixeira but was, thankfully, on his way.

Michelle was shocked, of course, to find out what happened. Immediately she got on the task of finding out where my sink was. I couldn’t resist. After she tracked it down she gave me a call back and I had to know. Where, oh where, was my sink?

South Bend, Indiana.

Sixty inch sink, come home soon. Uncracked. Please.



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6 responses to “My Sink is in South Bend!

  1. Brooke

    You are INCREDIBLE! How did you do all these wonderful posts and pictures in a day? I look like a fish, with my jaw going up and down in total awe and amazement.
    I am so sorry about your sink deciding to take a weird vacation … although the midwest is a beautiful part of this world. Maybe it wanted some corn? Think about the corn you’ll be able to shuck in that fabulous 60″ sink! Holy freaking cow.
    Maybe going to Indiana was as close as your sink could get to India? I know it reads as if I’m being flippant but I promise I am not. I’m really trying to think why your sink needed to take this trip.
    We know each other so little (but I’m delighted I’m getting to know more and more about this fascinating & delightful person — YOU!), but if you want to yell at someone you can yell at me. I always say the reason I live with my partner is because I wanted a built-in scapegoat (he is more evolved than I in that regard, well, not really — he just stews), so I know the release which comes from venting.
    I’m visualizing you bathing your gorgeous new baby in your gorgeous 5′ sink. I could almost fit in there! (don’t worry, I won’t)
    I really understand how it feels to be let down by a kitchen piece and I am so sorry. But I have to tell you, I just adore your blog! Thank you for doing it so I can have this guilty online pleasure. And I love your photo.
    We are having a noisy thunderstorm. I am so grateful to live in this part of the country where I get to participate in weather like this.
    I hope you are able to sleep and have sweet h-u-g-e, gorgeous kitchen dreams. Please be well. xo

    • sabjimata

      Brooke, you are cracking me up. Thanks for the compliments, I definitely don’t take them well.

      I am okay about the sink. I have full faith in M. Teixeira will eventually have it delivered. Slightly disappointed that it didn’t come today but honestly, cabinets won’t be installed for a few weeks so no worries.

      The fact that the South Bend intended slabs were cracked is a little “uh-oh” inducing. And I really really would like to know what the people in South Bend thought when they got the sink. I have a not so secret fantasy that I will run into that person on the Garden Web. We’ll see šŸ˜‰

      The worst part of today was the “why didn’t I” moment I had looking at the opened up rooms. Our remodel is in a very similar footprint to what was there, with the kitchen extended about 7′ and a wall opened up. But…and yes, this is a very expensive but, if I turned the kitch perpendicular to the pre-existing footprint, thus having to reorder the dining and living rooms, I could have made the kitchen bigger (have you caught on that I think bigger is better?) and had three different sun exposures. BUT…the money for THAT remodel we definitely don’t have.

      Weather is nice. I wish we were having nocturnal thunderstorms. The air is heavy with heat and sweat and clings to your body like a bacteria resistant fungus. Usually I don’t mind it, but without ac or a job to escape to, and with my prematurely growing girth, I am uncomfortable.

      I went out to Denver once on the way out to Tucson, where we lived for a year. Never saw a place so beautiful in the US. I imagine Boulder can’t be too shabby, either.

  2. Brooke

    Yuji is FASCINATED with your sink. I just told him about it and he peppered me with questions (like how many / placement of drains). I told him to make you some gyoza and you’ll answer them.

    • sabjimata

      Yes, make him put gyoza on dry ice and overnite them to me and then I will talk! The sink will have two drains. One kind of in the middle of the 20″ bowl and one towards the right in the 40″ bowl. I drew out the picture but can’t find it and my memory is a bit fuzzy on this one.

      There will be three wall mount faucets evenly spaced (centered every 20 inches) and one unfortunate designated tap (deck mount) for the RO water.

      It is 25 inches to the back, which means it’s all sink. There will be probably a 3 inch piece of marble countertop placed along the back to give it a finished look.

      Our other sink is a 30″ Porcher London and equally lovely šŸ˜‰

      I can’t believe something as simple as slabs of stone epoxied together would fascinate a Japanese man. But yes, the design is sublime.

      With our soapstone in our last house I wasn’t planning on oiling the sink but the installers kind of busted out the mineral oil cloth and went for it without my consent, just figuring that it was the normal, expected thing to do. The sink had really nice veining (it was Cobra) but you couldn’t really make it out once it was oiled.

      This stone is Belvedere (harder than Cobra but WAY cheaper). I didn’t even consider it when doing the last kitchen because I was under the impression Cobra was their hardest stone. We spent A LOT of money on those countertops. It was 40 sq ft + 40″ sink and it cost MORE than the 100 sq ft of carrara I am getting and the 60″ Belvedere sink.

      I am a bit unclear what it will look like unoiled, since most people show their stone oiled. Ooooh, the suspense. That is why I am really interesting in seeing this thing!

  3. I am going to stress out until I know your sink is safe and delivered sound!! 60″???!!!! OMG! I am in awe. Tell me more about your ranges?? TWO??????

    • sabjimata

      Thanks, Charlene. Now, seeing the cracked slabs, I am a bit worried about the sink being hurt. Especially with the extra journey.

      I am getting two 30″ FiveStar ranges. I had set aside 60″ of space for a range but the pro-style 60 inchers are beyond budget blowing for me. So, I started pricing out two 30″. Still very very expensive, but considerably less than a single 60″.

      I settled on FiveStar because they are amongst the cheapest of the pro-ranges, are not over-hyped, are non-digital and have the highest BTU output (21,000 on all four burners). I am getting it in white because I thought 60″ of ss would look more industrial than I want.

      Surprisingly, the 60″ FiveSTar is about the same price as 2 30″ FiveStars. However, I didn’t want to sacrifice burners for griddles and, sadly, the 60″ model doesn’t give you a commercial size oven so, really no point. Or if there is, I haven’t figures it out.

      If I could have gotten two 36″ ranges, I would have since then it would be 8 burners and 2 griddles. The way the 30″ is, there are 4 burners and this kind of weird space in the middle…a big spoon rest? Not quite sure. But honestly, finding an affordable 72″ hood would have been a joke.

      I bought a discontinued Broan 60″ from Sears for $1500. Stainless steel body, 1200 CFM’s. I am excited!

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