Today the guys made a lot of progress, despite wolfing down leftover pancakes burrito-style in our driveway courtesy of Hanuman, our favorite UPS man, and cutting out early. The days around here are very hot, we have no ac and only one functioning fan. And I am pregnant with waves of sickness rocking my day. Definitely lethargic and lazy. Now insomnia. Husband is being a total gem. Friends are good, offering up their pool and pancakes to our family. I just want it to be done. Apply that last statement to everything. Summer, baby, kitchen, sick feeling, tired feeling, hot feeling. Life. Here it is. I am wrapping my arms languidly around you. Please. Squeeze back.

Behind the dust wall. This is our little cordoned off area of non-bedroom house space.

These pics are from Saturday. After the tear out was complete, they built the temporary support wall, framed the new walls and now it looks like the endo-skeleton it should have always been.

We need to find things to do indoors, in our cramped and cluttered space. Madhumati has taken up make-up artistry.

Bare bones. Everything here was just temporary prep for the cantilevered beam that will zig-zag the room. The cantilevered beam was my idea and I don't mind taking credit. Of course, there was no discount given to me by the engineer for my genius, but I still think Southard Engineering is swell.

Long division.


Many objects were revealed from the exposed walls and ceiling. A blue hard case valise without any cash inside. And books.

Useless treasure.

I love our subfloor and wish we could afford such wide and long boards to install on a diagonal. But, wishes need to be prioritized. And besides, I've moved on in my wishes (just check my wishlist on the sidebar). Still, long and lovely American black walnut flooring, installed on a slant, would have been very rich. Too rich for me 🙂 We are installing skinny builder's grade oak. The shorter the boards, the better the price.

Chris and KD. Lotus wasn't on the job that day and Vrindy is out of the shot. We love these guys. Strong as oxen.

While the kitchen develops and my little microscopic baby works on multiplying its cells, our garden is coming along nicely, despite our inconsistent attention and lousy soil. Two radishes hatched yesterday in our garden and holy cow they were spicy! Hotter than store bought horseradish. I don't know if it is the variety or because they were from garden to table (okay, really to mouth), but the kids weren't fans. of the heat. You know what they say. If you can't take the heat, don't eat the radish. Isn't it obvious from gems like that why this blog isn't a bigger success?

As a little break from the lead and asbestos dust, I took Madhumati to a birthday party for one of her favorite classmates. My little mouseling was one of the few kids brave enough to scale the cheese wall.



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6 responses to “Draft

  1. Wow! It’s coming along so fast. Though I’m sure it doesn’t feel fast on your end. I don’t know how you survive without a/c in the south. We don’t have a/c either, and on a particularly stifling day last month, I was plotting how to get a/c into our ductless old house. Take it easy, and keep cool!

    • sabjimata

      Thanks, Gena. Personally I am not an AC fan but with the 90 degree days and the discomfort of growing a lentil bean inside me, I could use some! Thankfully the guys got some juice back up and running or the ceiling fans. They are working so quickly but we cannot wait for the dust wall to come down.

  2. Brooke

    I am sending cool, sleep-through-the-night, steady waters thoughts to you and your petit oiseau. Your children (all three of them, of course) are adorable!!! Wow do you and your husband have good genes. Duh. I really, really feel for you and hope this time passes as smoothly as possible. You deserve it. xo

  3. Your space looks like it’s going to be HUGE!!! I’m going to enjoy being along for the ride with you.

    I wish I could understand the AC crisis. We barely get warm during our summer let alone hot. I couldn’t name more than a couple people I know that even have AC. It’s just not necessary where we are so close to the mountains in Canada. In fact I was just saying we need a propane patio heater for our deck this year so we can enjoy sitting out past 6pm w/o freezing.

    p.s….walnut floors are technically way too rich for me too but I was weak and blinded by my love for them. lol.

    • sabjimata

      Congratulations on the walnut flooring! Swooon!

      The space will not be huge, I promise. According to a recent post on GW, it will be medium. Compared to what we had before, ginormous. But to me it looked bigger on paper. But trust me, I am not complaining.

      Together with the dining room it will technically be huge, coming in at 1/3 the sqfootage of our house. But eating is that important to me!

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