Tour the Stone Yard

Bianco Antico--A popular lighter granite.

Costa Smerelda. This granite is very quiet with soothing greens.

Luna Pearl. If I were to get granite, I most likely would get luna pearl. Very tombstone-ish. I think it would look great honed. In addition to graveyards, it reminds me of composition notebooks (emo) and gumsole Vision Street Ware (old school.)

You know I had these. In red, exactly as pictured. Seventh grade was the year to be a victim. Hey, they were definitely better than white Keds.

Here is a slab that was purchased by someone who has way too much money and not enough aversion to the rusty looking streaks on one side of the stone. Yes, it is unique. Yes, it is dramatic. But no to putting two huge slabs dead center in your kitchen (which must be huge--no objections to that) and calling it an island. I do these things dramatic granite slabs are interesting and it is easy to delight in the hard beauty of nature when viewing them. But Somehow facing this every day in the kitchen makes me a little light headed. In a not so good kind of way.

Same slab, another angle. Oh, and did I mention that the two slabs (not including fabrication) cost $9,000? Well, now I did.

This granite looks very beautiful to me with the variations in veining, bold movement and actual rock looking slices throughout. However, I really can't think of an application in the home that would be appropriate for this. Pink in the kitchen is off putting. Like a sliced open salmon or chicken blood. Both don't whet my appetite.

Another bold pink stone that I find attractive, yet still it reminds me of a bloody butcher's apron when I try to put it in the context of a kitchen countertop.



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6 responses to “Tour the Stone Yard

  1. Fun tour! Love the Costa Smerelda. You’re right. So soothing. I’m looking forward to visiting my stoneyard. I just never have time when I’m without my littles (and the stoneyard is open).

    • sabjimata

      Yeah, stoneyards should be open 24 hours so moms can find time to go without kids. Although I imagine taking them to look at granite wouldn’t be as awful an experience as taking them to look at tile!

  2. Brooke

    Well, I first want to respectfully disagree about pink in a kitchen: pink belongs EVERYWHERE (in my world). The more the better. Raspberry kisses. Hug me, fuchsia! Ballet slipper pink, make me feel better.
    I think the granite with the rust (which reminds me of a road map) would make a divine picnic table. As a little girl I spent years of my life running my little trucks over the grout “roads” in the brick patio. That granite makes me super-nostalgic and I would definitely join my children and their friends in playing cars / trucks on that slab … but they’d send me back to the house to make snow cones.

    • sabjimata

      LOL. Forgot about you and your pink fetish! Can you post a pink thread to the GW forum? Raspberry, btw, is not pink and is always welcomed. I look great in raspberry 😉

  3. I favor the fairly traditional dark granites or (soapstone if it was affordable). Our granite is basic black with some purple/pink stripes in it. Nothing too loud, fairly formal without feeling oppressive-like you’re not supposed to touch anything. We have only broken one wine glass on it thus far.

    Ohh, Vision Street Wear, where have you gone?

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