Love At Second Sight

This is the email I received yesterday from Ted, my marble fabricator. The pic made me sad. Was I stuck with this slab? Or more correctly, all three slabs? Stone is cut in sets--kind of like slicing a loaf of bread. That meant that all 3 slabs would look the same. From the looks of this pic, it wasn't pretty.

Thankfully, the husband and I had the good sense to drive to the stone yard in Ocala and check out the slab in person. It was sitting out front, waiting for us. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, I knew everything was going to be alright.

Me and My Marble

Love at second sight...

The stone is practically flawless in finish. It looked magnificent, however, the high sheen of the polished marble is a bit too granitey for me. I think I will have the perimeter counters sanded to a satin finish and the island will be honed. It is amazing how much subtler the veining gets when honed–I have very mixed emotions about that, however, the honing will mask etching in this high use application.

I have more pics of granites and what’s happening in our house these days but right now my internet connection is acting funny (ha ha) so I will post tomorrow. *Yawn.* Nighty night night.



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6 responses to “Love At Second Sight

  1. brooke

    I just read you’re pregnant — mazel tov! I am sooo excited for (and un peu envious of) you. How wonderful it will be for those late-night cuddles / nursings to be in your lovely new space. And the marble … well, I hope it goes without saying how I feel about marble. I also like your teal sunglasses. I think you’d like my blue sunglasses as well: they’re Peggy Guggenheim’s from her museum in Venice — got them in ’04. I am the only person on the planet who thinks I look WHITE HOT in them; my partner, older son and all my friends openly laugh at me. But I rock those glasses like no one since Peggy herself. Congratulations again.

  2. sabjimata

    hey brooke! i am still swooning over your last email. what a life you have! i would love to see a pic of you and your sunglasses. i am sure they look HOT…they are from ITALY! are these the ones?

    if so, you are the WHITEST *and* the HOTTEST momma I know LOL!

    Anyway, I look forward to giving your email a proper response. In the meantime, I am just totally dragging my ass on everything I am doing…

    Do you know anything about the fabrication of your marble? What grit sandpaper did your guy use?

    Thanks for the congrats. Hoping the baby thing works out πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow! The marble is stunning!! It definitely deserves the smooches!

    • sabjimata

      Thanks. Soon it will be here in real life. Definitely looking forward to it! When are your countertops slated for fabrication?

  4. Beautiful marble! And great marble love photo! (And you’re preggers as well? Congratulations! Great stuff afoot at your place.)

    • sabjimata

      Gena, appreciate the comment. Right now I am 7 weeks into this pregnancy thing. Perfect timing πŸ˜‰

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