Still Just Getting Started

Post marks where new kitchen will end.

Not much has been going on inside our house. Most of the work has been under the house. This morning we passed our foundation inspection. Friday I passed my pregnancy test. Right now I am super tired. Here are some pics from the weekend.

The wall with the panelling ripped off it is going. However, the 6 ft space marked out is staying. That is the wall that, on the other side, will fit the ranges. On this side, the dish sink will center on it. Green tile. Seth Thomas clocks.

The kids love Chris. They love covering their ears when he saws. This remodel is big fun for them.

Happy Mother's Day! This bouquet came from my sweetie girl. Her Babu drove her to the shop to pick them out.

This bouquet came from my son and smells soooo good thanks to the hyacinths.



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4 responses to “Still Just Getting Started

  1. Kera

    Does passing the pregnancy test mean you are or are not pregnant?

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