Truer Color

I decided to take more pics of the tile, this time later in the day when less sun was lighting up my sunny room. Like I said, the kitchen is in the middle of the house, so I think this amount of light better represents the true look of the color in my soon to be kitchen.

Enjoy my affordable tile!

On the 6' wide wall rising out of the 15' island will be this Hakatai Meadow tile. My tiny collection of 3 vintage Seth Thomas wall clocks and one satin nickel wall faucet will be on the side facing into the breakfast nook. The other side of the wall will be the two Fivestar 30" ranges in white.

Mint Ice, Porcelain and Meadow. The Mint Ice will go on the wall where the "buffet" and stainless steel shelving will be. The Porcelain will tile over the support post needed from removing a load bearing wall. The post will be at the end of the island, closest to the not-so-formal dining room.

Mint Ice tile, vintage teapot, Pier 1 bird bowls and white carrera (representing the countertop). The bowls and the teapot may go on the shelves in front of the tile.

Mint Ice tile, vintage teapot, Pier 1 bird bowls and carrera tile (standing in for the countertop). The bowls and teapot may go on the shelving in front of the tile.

These colors make me happy. Fruck resale.



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12 responses to “Truer Color

  1. OMG those are GORGEOUS!! Your colours are making me pretty darned happy too. Get ready to see white antiseptic in my kitchen reno….lol.

  2. sabjimata

    Awww thanks Charlene. Your name is making me pretty damned happy! Perfect for you. My kitchen will match your crafting! πŸ˜‰

  3. Positano

    I absolutely love it! Love how you say it makes you happy. I made a lot of choices that seemed to please other people instead of me. I regret not going with my gut on a lot of things.

    Your kitchen will bring you so much joy. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • sabjimata

      Positano, thanks for the comment. It really is just what I needed. I sometimes feel torn (okay, that word is a bit strong) between the standard issue kitchen design out there now and the kitchen that will be *mine.*

      Your comment made me feel good about my choices. No regrets!

      I hope your only kitchen regret was not going with your gut…there is so much good advice layout/design-wise out there that standard issue kitchens actually can be great.

      But it can feel a bit curious venturing away from the norm. But as my husband says, I shouldn’t second guess myself.

  4. Brooke

    I feel so bad I didn’t leave a response here — I did it on GW because I wanted to bump your thread up so others could see it. I can’t stop going back to your curtains … they are so chipper and I love them! And that top photo with the faucet and clock and tile — doesn’t that just make you smile? It does me!

    • sabjimata

      Duh, Brooke, I loved that you left a comment on the forum. Actually, your comment was HYSTERICAL!!!! Remember the lead argument I had with WF? Well, the comments I deleted were like…”Yeah, well you probably feed your family meat!!!” but then I was like…whoa, Sabji!

      I love the clock with the tile and faucet, too. Very “filling station” feel. LOL just what how I want everyone in the dining area to feel…like they are @ a GAS STATION!

      The curtains are from Anthropologie. I loved them too much to not get them. They definitely drove the color choices for the tile, believe it or not.

  5. Brooke

    No no, not filling station, but like “Chinatown”-era diner, or some gorgeous old house with servants’ quarters and German silver sinks. The only kind of fill-‘er-up I’m feeling from your pictures are of the fill-up my-tummy variety.

    I think Positano hit the nail on the head, writing that you chose what pleases YOU, and that’s what’s coming through. I think that’s what differentiates so many kitchens: most of ours (and I am including mine here, but not in a “poor me” kind of way, just trying to be objective) were designed to appeal to the masses, even if resale is not in our near future. We have something to which we’re drawn (in my case, white cabs and marble) but then, most likely unconsciously, we play it safe, making choices which will appeal to The Others.

    The kitchens which always stand out, the kitchens which always generate the most feedback (and I don’t mean merely on GW but in the real world) are those which are personal. Those which really give you an insight into the owners’ / users’ personalities.

    The BEST weddings I have ever attended have been of the cosy – potluck – homemade wedding dress variety (yes, I am including mine). Some have been kinda fancy and definitely not potluck, but to a one they were all so personal, so intimate, so telling about who these people were who were joining their lives.

    And that’s how I feel about kitchens (homes) too. The best, my favorites have always been the ones about the owner, not about a potential spread in f***ing Architectural Digest (or some other masturbatory magazine).

    That’s why your choices are so appealing to others — because they are personal and personally YOURS. I know that seems oxymoronic, but we all are responding to a unique space.

    • sabjimata

      lol…you are funny. you can write an entire narrative from a few pics of barely anything. love it.

  6. My sister has very similar colors in her house and they are bold and assertive. The house needs to look like the owners IMO, whatever that means color or stylewise. I happen to be someone who loves individual, original style. I see far too much copying and too many kitchen that look the same or are completely without ideas. Go for what you love and never look back. Glad you stopped by — I enjoy your blog and seeing the progress. Jane F

  7. Love it! The colors are so cheery. No wonder they make you happy. They’d make me happy too. By the way, I’m lusting after your vintage teapot, and I absolutely love, love the anthropologie curtains. That’s one of my fave stores. I’m considering putting some different anthro pulls on my new kitchen/butler’s pantry cabinets. Might be weird, but I think it’ll be fun.

    • Awwww, sweet Gena, thanks! The teapot I found on Ebay.

      I LOVE Anthro’s knob and pull selection. Actually, they are surprisingly well priced. That is one of the things I actually have been second-guessing myself on…why didn’t I get any hardware from Anthropologie?

      Ahhh, guess I will have to wait until the *next* remodel.

      That is a joke. Cough. Cough.

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