Earthy Splashes: Tile & Curtains

I don’t know if it is pollen or a reaction to the work being done underneath my house today, but I am all runny nose and big sneeze. Our car port is filled with lumber and there is a huge pallet of concrete next to our crawl space. We have officially begun.

My husband just called to tell me that some packages arrived yesterday. My tile! I am very excited. Below I put together a little color board. It looks a bit bright in the natural light, little of which my kitchen actually gets. Also this mock up is missing two different white tiles, paint chips as well as the two cabinet finishes. Still, this blog needs pictures!

The three colors (golden yellow, grassy green and icy teal) will be visible all at once but not near one another. The curtains are going on the dining room windows. The teal will go on a 6″ wide wall perpendicular, and about 8′ away, to a 6′ span of grassy green tile.

splashes of color

I am very happy there will be colorful cheer in the kitchen. The walls will be a milky white paint and there will be a lot of wood (floor, 15′ island). I don’t want the room too woody since the natural light is not great, despite the oodles of dining room windows. I don’t want the room too white (cabinets, paint, some tile, countertops) that it will feel antiseptic. I tried really hard to figure out a paint color that would make me happy and not overwhelm the room, but the colors I wanted were similar to the tile. And, with the low ceilings in our house (8′), I was afraid saturated walls would feel stifling.

Additionally, while I admire the look of pristine Christopher Peacock kitchens, I want this kitchen to look like *my* kitchen. I’m no wallflower, dammit! And besides, when I think of neutral earth tones, my palette tends towards rolling hills, sunny marigolds and crystalline seas. Not mud and poop and barf.

Just sayin’…


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