Back to Business

Amidst trying to get a job, finish my coursework, ready everything for our kitchen remodel as well as live through the sudden wash of Florida summer heat, I’ve decided to start an online business. Not much is happening over at  Cottage Industry Design right now, but there is a blog post up and at ’em.

While the business is just in its embryo stage, I couldn’t have even gotten this far without Anthony Pearson, my WordPress fertility specialist. Without his magnanimity and knowledge, I would still be sending out SOS’s over my Facebook status update. Apparently a lot of people have my status hidden. Hmmph.

Nevertheless, the store must go on! Please add my shop to your favorites and check back from time to time to monitor my progress.

Much love to you and wishing me all the success and failure due to me as a result of my own doings–Deva



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6 responses to “Back to Business

  1. Tulasi devi

    wow, sabji! all glories to your intrepid endeavors. i’ve also fantasized about creating an on-line business – but here you’ve gone ahead and done it!

    p.s. just joined facebook

    • sabjimata

      Ooooh….Tulasi, what is your FB screen name? I am struggling to find the time for everything right now and hope figuring out the online shop gets a bit easier. You should do an online business, too! What is it you would like to sell?

  2. karuna

    Are you going to sell rose petal jam? I need some asap….

  3. brooke

    I am so excited for you! Congratulations on your new store — I can’t wait to see what you’re up to. (and I am insanely impressed w/your accomplishments)
    – (rmkitchen)

    • sabjimata

      Brooke! Major setbacks with the WP e-commmerce theme…not sure when it will really be up and running but my business is registered now as an LLC and with the Dept. of Revenue. I have quite a few company’s lined up for trade sourcing, but with all the business of everything in the works…ugh! Anyway, don’t be impressed. Yet 😉 LoL. I am going to pm you!!

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