Paradise and Back

As per my husband’s birthday fantasy, we took a family vacation to Cayo Costa island. It is a state park, accessible only by ferry. Other than the park ranger vehicles, there are no cars on the island. We saw manatees, dolphins and lots of fish. Stayed in a great cabin, sans electricity. The pristine beaches would definitely inspire some lyrical prose by anyone not in a rush to get a blog post up.

We had a great time and will definitely make the trip again next year.

Upon returning home were many packages for the remodel. Scroll down and see what came! In addition to the pretties pictured, my water softener is here. Let’s see what Monday brings!

On the ferry to Cayo Costa...

On the ferry to Cayo Costa...

The kids settled down for a game of UNO while we unpacked in our cabin.

Happy Campers

Vm found a big conch on the beach.

The shelling was ridiculously good.

Sea urchin shell

Osprey nest

Kayaking to the manatees

Mm loved kayaking! There were so many manatees blowing air...a Florida treat.

Riding a mile with two kids on me was not a smart idea. No pain, no gain.

Rustic fare: quinoa on the camp stove.

Purple cabbage sabji tasted like a feast.

Vm has a definite future as a rickshaw walla.

The kids flipped the seat around and figured out this configuration.

On two separate days we saw dolphins swimming!

We are very wealthy.

Sand bar

The last day we went for a 4 mile hike and came out at a few very private feeling beaches. This one had lovely weathered wood rising out of the Gulf.

Beach love!

Canvas & Velvet Curtains

I love it. But do feel like I could have gone bolder with the knobs.

Kohler drains. Heavy quality. I got three.

Glass knobs. Love. Them.

Brushed aluminum table leg for 8' x 2' marble table. Five legs total.

Simple meal. Garden dill.



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10 responses to “Paradise and Back

  1. Cristina

    What a lovely vacation! The Mirels are such a beautiful family 🙂

  2. lovely images. i think b, the kids and i will go soon.

    i love purple cabbage sabji. reminds me of my mother-in-law.

  3. I love it too! And Babu even loved it that weekend as well 😉

  4. We do the cast knobs in nickel (the ones that directly match your Victorian bin pulls). They are a custom item and pretty pricey, but truly stunning. Let me know if you want a picture.

    • sabjimata

      Ooooh! Why didn’t you tell me that earlier!! Alright…if you see this, email me the picture. And the price ; )

  5. What a cool vacataion BTW.

    • sabjimata

      yes…super cool! we are waiting to book again for next year (for last weekend in april). booking opens 11 months in advance and fills up FAST. you guys should check it out…very affordable and the beaches are much nicer than martha’s vineyard…water warmer, too!

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