Now Accepting Dinner Invitations

Our remodel has officially begun, 6 days early! This morning Chris came by to meet with John from Central Builders (where we are getting our windows from) and do a final measure. Afterwards, Chris and I sat down and went over the 10 pages of notes I prepared for him, and copied on lilac paper so it would be easy for him to find.

This worked out really well and I encourage anyone taking on a large remodel to follow this tip and put it all in writing. Over 10 pages, I wrote out where I want every receptacle, specified that I do not want the range or fridge to stick out from the wall because of plug issues, drew pictures of all the faucet placements, mapped out all the overhead lighting and stressed the importance of plumbing the sinks discreetly to the back of the cabs so the space is most usable.

Chris definitely appreciated the specificity and planning I literally brought to the table. He then went under the house to go over the technical support stuff and I believe he touched base with our engineer to be totally certain about the drawings. We used Southard Engineering (Gainesville) and really liked working with Mr. Southard.

Here is a smattering of before pics. I am in the midst of packing up the space so the pics really emphasize the disfuntionality of the space.

Not so exciting, but at least I’m making my mother-in-law happy by posting them.

Oh…and regarding the title of my post. We are all broken up kitchen-wise over here so please! Anyone who has been meaning to have us over for dinner one night, now is a good time! We are hungry and will eat anything.

It's a start! Chris marked off where the new kitchen will end...



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4 responses to “Now Accepting Dinner Invitations

  1. Hi there, great to hear that the kitchen is underway, what a shame I can’t ofer to cook for you – but if it gets to the point where you want to leave the country my door is open!

    • sabjimata

      Awww, thanks Elizabeth! Thanks so much for the emaiil (and the invite). Things are a bit hectic here and snowballing. My communication skills are regressing 😦

  2. I can offer to have B-sauce cook a yummy meal for y’all.

    • sabjimata

      Awww…thanks for volunteering B. LOL! Seems like our tear out is now pushed back until the 10th, so you have some time to get ready for us 😉

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