Kitchen Fan

Refurbished Vintage Teal Blue Superlectric Electric Fan

I just bought myself a kitchen fan. It’s a tabletop fan. Because our kitchen will be a fairly narrow yet long galley, figuring out a ceiling fan was impossible. I would need 2. They could not be more than 36″ in width. And they had to be a hugger. And I was committed to not spending more than $200 a fan. This could have been possible had I been willing to go with something totally hideous with a boobie shade, but if there is one vow I keep in this lifetime, it is that I will never have a boobie shade lamp in my house. Never.

The dining room and breakfast nook (aka The Prasadam Hall) will have two fans. Very cheap yet surprisingly attractive. And no nipple on the bottom of the glass. So there will be a good amount of aerial air circulation. For the kitchen proper, I bought this oh so cute vintage desk fan from Fishbone Deco, my new Etsy BFF. This shopkeeper has sold other refurbished Superelectric fans in the past, so if you desire one, keep checking in.

During December, January and February (AKA the three months of Florida that are not mad hot), the fan will live in the buffet (wall cabinets mounted on the floor). The rest of the time, it will perch atop the buffet, directly aimed at me and my hopefully not so sweaty cooking self.

The purchases are winding down, the credit card bills are piling up and our house is being dismantled in preparation for Monday’s tear out. Right now, as the clock approaches midnite, I sit on the couch typing this. In my son’s room. With the coffee table, tv…the entire living room is here with us. And my boy is sleeping on the couch. In his room. Because he can.



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3 responses to “Kitchen Fan

  1. Love your fan. What a great color. So glad to see you at Atticmag. Have been following your kitchen on GW and curious to see how it turns out! Thanks for stopping by.

    Jane F.

  2. For some reason I thought you were demo’d and rebuilding already! Yay, can’t wait to watch the process.

    And HELLO….LOVE the fan!

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