Today we began preparing the house for the tear out, which begins in one week. Most of the shopping is done. Today I ordered the Fivestar ranges, tile, RO filters, RO faucets and a water softener. All that is left to purchase are ceiling fans (will get them at Lowes), new windows, a door, table fan, white subway tile, breakfast nook chairs and paint (Shewin Williams Steamed Milk).

While originally I was anti RO because of the waste, Babu really wants clean tap water. However, the big sink already has 3 wall faucets on it and the white sink has one. Add two RO faucets and my kitchen is up to a ridiculous 6 faucets! A little alarming, even for me. I tried to get a skinny, barely there RO faucet and found one that I think fits the bill (mainly that it doesn’t have the black tip). The finish is chrome and gold so it matches nothing in my kitchen, but I think that is okay. Also, when buying the RO filter, I upgraded to a 14 gallon tank. Isn’t that a doozy? The upgrade was cheap and I have a fear of not being able to fill a 5 gallon pot for soup in one shot.

Here is the RO faucet. We are getting on filter that will be installed under the house. Two separate lines will run to a faucet mounted at each sink.

These chairs are brushed aluminum and a great buy. They are a rip off of Emeco Navy chairs. I will purchase them through a restaurant supply shop for about $60 a seat.



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2 responses to “Shop-a-Lot

  1. OMG amazing chair! Forgive me for having to ask ~~~what is “RO”??

  2. sabjimata

    Reverse osmosis filter. Like the water they sell outside of Walmarts. It is a point of use filter so it has a designated faucet. The only sad thing about it is that that filtering process discards a fair (or unfair!!) amount of water.

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