9 Different Styles of Hardware Ordered

Yesterday, before jumping on the trampoline with the kids, I put in an order for my cabinet hardware. From three different websites. I had been stalling on ordering the hardware, because I wanted to get it just right. There are so many choices to make with any kitchen remodel, and quite literally, the size of this remodel complicates things. At least in my mind.

So, here’s the quick run down. Three different finishes, seven different styles–divided up between knobs and pulls. Let’s review.

On the creamy white cabinets:

Clear crystal (I know it doesn't look this way in the pic) glass knob with chrome finish, available from D Lawless Hardware online. Four of these will go on the buffet (really just two 36" wall cabinets installed as base cabs). While maybe not as pretty as the more expensive crystal knobs I was originally dreaming about from RH, these are a more substantial size. I like heft.

White milkglass knobs, 1 and 1/2"! That's hefty. These will go on the upper cabinets. I know, I know. They will get lost against the white cabs. That is the point. That particular run of cabinets will be creamy white with satin nickel hardware on the lowers. White subway tile, white marble counters, white flushmounts above the sink and a white mirror over the sink to compensate for the lack of a window. Yesterday I had an ever so slight panic attack when I saw a sample of carrara up against the cabinets. The contrast was stark. The carrara looked bluish. The cabinets yellowish. And the white subway looked cheap. But I am flinging forward, getting religious over it and praying that it will look great once installed. I even woke up this morning with the Hare Krishna maha-mantra on repeat in my head. Obviously this remodel is taking its toll. ; )

From the small Connecticut based family owned manufacturer of authentic reproduction hardware comes BN-3 in SN (satin nickel). I ordered four of these from Horton Brasses, despite being a little bit over the bin pull. In theory. And yet, it endures. In my kitchen. Flanking the 60" monster sink will be a stack of 2 drawer, 18" drawers on either side. BN-3 SN is their jewelry.

Horton Brasses is also supplying me with 1 1/4" knobs in satin nickel for the five lower doors. Sure, I could buy cheap knobs from Target or Lowes, but these babies are American made, produced in a consciousness of trying to minimize industrial pollutants and to be honest, not at all expensive. That's why Horton Brasses rocks!

Four Aubrey Pulls from Restoration Hardware found their way into my online shopping cart. I like that these pulls are available in a variety of widths, especially since I only want one large pull on my drawers, regardless of drawer width. Unfortunately, they only come in a maximum width of 8". Two sets of 36" deep drawer bases will be the final destination for these pulls in satin nickel. I am confident that the finish will be more attractive in person.

Moving on to the island. The island is cherry, stained chestnut. Cherry is one of those woods that darkens as it ages, so what you see upon installation isn’t what you’ll get a year later. For someone like me who wants every detail known before installation, this color variable is a bit off-putting. However, I really didn’t want the blahness of maple. That is not a dis to anyone with maple cabs. They are hugely popular (and the white painted cabs will be made in maple). Let’s just say your zen is my blah. But I am ready to admit that my 9 hardwares could be your headache. Nevertheless, onward!

So, back to the cherry chestnut. I was all in a tizzy trying to decide upon Horton’s Antique or Dark Antique finish. Our old kitchen was walnut stained pine and I went with Antique. And loved it. It is a really gorgeous finish, special to HB (<——LOL did you like that…I wrote “HB” like one would do “RH”….because HB kicks RH’s sourced ass!!!!). However, chestnut is not walnut and I didn’t know if the two would look good together. On the walnut, the Antique hardware really disappeared. I knew the contrast would be low between the chestnut stain and the Antique finish, but I thought the undertones might class.

So I decided to consult the stars.

Well, sort of. I called up Orion Henderson (bitchin’ name, I know) and asked him what he thought. I sent him an email pic of the chestnut door. Orion and I, both being northeastern post-punks, agreed that Antique is the bomb that’s going to light my kitchen on fire! But wait, it gets better.

After me pulling a Jewish girl on him, being all like, “Orion, why don’t you guys make 10″ bin pulls like RH sells? Why not, Orion? Why?” He was all like, *Sigh.*  I’ll tell you what…..

And that’s when Orion became my kitchen’s new BFF. Orion told me that I could purchase whatever from RH (as long it was solid brass, and it is) in a brass finish, unlaquered preferred (and it isn’t), drop ship it to his operation (to be honest, I don’t know what exactly “drop ship” means, but I didn’t want to blow it by asking too many questions) and when they fill my order they will finish the RH hardware in Antique. And Orion himself will personally make sure the finishes match.
Doesn’t that make me important? Impeccable customer service is another reason you should shop Horton Brasses. I couldn’t love a small business more!
So here are the island picks:
Seven large knobs in Antique (third from left) for my base island cabs.

Two 8" Aubrey Pulls, ordered in Antique Brass, to be refinished by HB in their lovely Antique. Oddly enough, brass is making a comeback as a finish. On either side of the 30" Porcher London apron front sink is a 30" 3 drawer stack. The Aubrey will go on the top skinny drawer. I don't think it looks half bad, especially when satin, like this one. It looks lovely with white cabs, but I know I couldn't pull it off. It's not as easy to make look good...like wearing a big gold nose ring

Seven Duluth pulls in brass from RH are on their way to Connecticut for the Antique treatment. Because four will go on the cabinets next to the sink, below the Aubrey, I ordered these in 8" as well. They also come in 10" and 12" widths, which I find very attractive. However, they are going on 30" drawers, so 8" should look okay. I admit, 12" would look more than okay. The other spots where these are going are on the other side of the island so I could have justified 12" bin pulls. And now I am kind of wondering why I didn't. But to be honest, a little consistency throughout the kitchen won't kill me. And I saved a whole $15 going with the petite 8 inchers.

The pull on the bottom. That's the one. I wouldn't have had a kitchen without it. These were all over the place in my old kitchen. I even have one on a drawer in my 1962 kitchen. Come to think of it, these would look excellent on creamy white cabinets. But what's done is done. Next to the range, on either side (I like symmetry), are a narrow stack of drawers. Maybe 15". Maybe 18". It's all a blur right now. Four drawers each. Eight pulls ordered.

Thus ends the hardware tour of my kitchen. I’m sure I will fill the blog in when my hardware arrives–especially the special finish pieces.

For those of you wondering why I am yammering on about hardware…to such an extent…let me tell you. I know to an outsider it may seem inane. But if you dare to enter the lair of the kitchen remodel, you may begin to appreciate the world I now belong to.  This is my life now. I have crossed over to another realm.

Seriously, it’s good for me to keep a record of stuff and it also, hopefully, will be a resource for other people going through a similar process. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just google “kitchen remodel” and see what comes up?



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8 responses to “9 Different Styles of Hardware Ordered

  1. Love the 9 different styles! Thanks for sharing the Horton Brass info. I’m going to look them up. (I’m trying to use local sources as much as possible.)

    • sabjimata

      Gena, they are so awesome. The selection is not vast, but I just love the company, love the quality of the product and might just have a slight kitchen crush on Orion 😉

  2. Hi. I just found your blog as I was searching the cyber land on info regarding cabinet hardware. Your blog is great!

    I am just at the end of week 1 of our kitchen reno and we have about 2.5 months to go but I still have some decisions to be made. I am going with cup pulls on drawers and I know that knobs are the norm for door but I have really been wondering if there is something else I can do. Chances I will just go with knobs but it’s worth a search out there. I can’t seem to find anywhere that someone put regular handles on doors when using knobs.

    Now I see you ordered 9 different handles so I am going to keep searching to see if I can do something other than knobs.

    I’ll be throwing your blog link into my Google Reader and following along with your reno. Fun stuff.

    • sabjimata

      I don’t know what your kitchen style is but have you tried long pulls on the doors. This is often done with modern/European style bar pulls. Stopped by your blog and loved seeing your tear out (drama!) and linked your blog on my side-bar. 😉

  3. jaya vijaya das

    Hare Krsna Mata…

    Dandavat/Pranam… AGTSP.

    How are you? I’m very impressed how thorough with details you have been regarding your kitchen remodeling. I’m sure each and every screw has been reviewed! Truly appreciate your overwhelming enthusiasm with your new kitchen and the wonderful prasadam you will lovingly prepare for the Lord.
    We are all (wife & the girls) planning to visit Alachua for Vishs/Vrindas wedding and installation of Krsna-Balarama. It would be great meeting you & your family (and maybe sneak in a taste or two of some of your delicious creations)!!!
    Anyway, please take care and hope to see you all soon.
    Jai Sri Radhe!
    jaya vijaya & the gang!!!

    • sabjimata

      We won’t be doing much delicious cooking since the kitchen will be underway. : ( Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. I would love to hear where you will be traveling from.

  4. jaya vijaya das

    We are traveling from Seattle, WA. Need anything?

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