Classic Kitchens, Cottage Kitchens, Quirky Kitchens

Cottage Kitchen: love the clothe chandelier.

Green ceiling, turquoise walls.

Modern rustic cottage.

Pantone 2010 Color of the Year kitchen.

By the sea.

Apron sink, kitchen skirt.

Nothing to get hung up about.

Blue-washed cottage kitchen. Sublime.

Exposed plumbing. Not everyone can pull this off.

Budget cottage.

White, bright and small.

Salvaged sink with drainboards. I have to admit though, I am way over schoolhouse lights.

Mystery floor.

Talavera tiles, turquoise accents. This one's for you, Jayadeva!

True to my xenophilia, British kitchens don't have to do much for me to find them attractive. Just keep talking with that accent, baby!

Cottage industry.

Industrial evolution.

Kitchen clutter.

Shiny farm sink.

Endearing. Makes me want to chew organic Fruit Striped Gum.


Weather beaten.

The Beast.

Circular saw.

Cottage candy.

Le citron.

Apple accents.


The Underground.

For Satyavati 😉


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