Advice Needed: Tile Colors

Okay. So Ivy is discontinued. Ficus looks too dark in artificial light (sometimes night does bring clarity). So I am left with Meadow. I like Meadow. And my son, when asked, picked Meadow. So how bad could Meadow be?

Meadow has a lot of yellow in it which is nice. I like yellow. Actually, I have been lusting (not an exaggeration) over a cream and yellow window panel from a shop whose name I won’t reveal since the panels are way out of my price range (I would need 9!), yet I am determined to get them. Determined because I simply cannot find window panels quite as enchanting as these. And yet I know my children will wipe their smudgey hands on them and lick them with chocolate spittled tongues. Because they have been raised by wolves. Can you hear me howl?

Okay. So the Meadow goes great with these window panels. But blue is nice, too, no? And there are so many pretty blues. Would it be criminal to have one wall of Meadow and one wall of something blueier, like Mint Ice, pictured on the lower right hand corner of your screen?

Maybe tomorrow I will post a good pic of all the blues and greens. Will you give me your honest opinion?


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