Door Style: Order In

Door style has been a real pain in the ass for me. I like Schuler cabinets. Well, the construction and options. And I really appreciate the time Bob Amar @ Lowes in Alachua  gave while working with me to design the kitchen. However, I found the door choices very limited.

For starters, the pricing of the doors really bugs me. Essentially, they will take the same door and change one tiny detail and all of a sudden the price is $35 more a linear foot. Whatever. Schuler has doors in oak, quarter$awn oak, maple, knotty alder, knotty maple, cherry and hickory. They do not offer all the stains for all species. The walnut stain is only available on the oaks and the knotty alder. I was hoping for knotty alder on the island in a walnut stain, but Babu thought the knots were too big. He’s right, but still, I love walnut.

Originally, I was planning on a slab door (Schuler Capistrano). This is an okay priced door but it is only available in full overlay. Unlike the majority of the cabinet buying public, I am not a fan.

Through the price engineering process, i decided to sacrifice door style for affordability and went for the absolute cheapest door Schuler sells–The Hampton. The Hampton is an all wood construction five piece raised panel door–a bit corny in my opinion, but I really wanted white perimeter cabs and a corny door would make that possible. The nice thing about the Hampton, however, is the half inch overlay door and the fact that the drawer is not a raised five panel. *Yay!*

Schuler Hampton Door Style-- 1/2 Inch Overlay

Here is a pic of the Hampton door style in oak. I am not getting it in oak. But this is the door. Corny classic, never goes out of style!

Chestnut Cherry Stain--Schuler Cabinets

Chestnut kind of sounds like walnut, no? This is the stain that is going on the island cabs. I am going to use antiqued brass hardware here. It would have been a seamless match with the walnut but not so perfect with the chestnut.

Horton-Brasses Pulls. Dark antique brass finish fourth down from top.

Divinity White Painted Schuler Cabinet Door

Divinity is a nice creamy white paint. It will go on maple doors and be paired with satin nickel hardware from Horton Brass and Restoration Hardware.

Golden Teak Prefinished Flooring

The flooring. What were we thinking ordering flooring before deciding on the cabinet stain? I think it will all combine okay and even if it doesn’t, just make sure to talk about it behind my back. The freakiest part is both cherry and teak will darken the first year so the color we get isn’t the color it will be or the color we think we are going to get. Kind of mysterious.

Floor Plan: Island will be chestnut, perimeter cabs divinity.

The layout looks small on paper but will be the dominant feature of our house when all is done. Tomorrow I start teaching at my field assignment and finals begin tomorrow nite. I am kitchen consumed and school spent. Waiting for it all to be over and all to begin. After this session I am taking summer A off for the kitchen and then will finish my last two classes during summer B. Hopefully I will have a job by then. If not, there’s always sub work.


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