Beast of Burden

I am very, very excited. After lots of research (I love you, Internet), I now know what range new kitchen is getting. Drum roll, please…..

Fivestar 30"

The Fivestar 30″ dual fuel convection range. All four burner outputs are a ridiculously high 21,000 BTU’s. Self cleaning, electric convection oven fits the bill. There are some cons–I don’t think a professional size baking sheet fits the oven and the open burner models have considerably less BTU output (14,000) so I have to get the sealed burners.

But the best part–the biggest selling point actually–is that this mother has no digital parts, which basically means any appliance repair person can fix it. How freaking 1970’s is that?

It lacks the “styling” of a Viking or Wolf but is, in my opinion, built very similarly to how an actual restaurant range is built. An the no digital parts is so old school.

It will take 6-8 weeks for delivery once ordered. I plan to buy it through AJMadison, but not online. Since they are a real store, I discovered that by calling and ordering over the phone, there is some wiggle room to explore in pricing. But, as a tip to anyone out there thinking about buying a pro-style range, know this: they are pretty much all price fixed. I was trying to go after a scratch and dent/showroom model, but needed either a 30″ or a 60″. The reality is that showrooms tend to display 36″, 46″ and 48″, so if you are in the market for one of those, you could end up with a good deal.

Otherwise, you can always buy it on credit and hope Senate Bill 6 gets vetoed by Governor Crist.


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