So Busted

So, of course, the day I list my range for sale on Craiglist is the day it blows up. For reals. After getting back from the airport on Sunday, I turned the oven on to make pizza for my returning family. And that’s when it happened. First a weird lite came on. Then the oven door locked. Then the oven door unlocked. Then the door locked again. While it was open. Then the oven lite would not shut off.

That’s when I decided not to make pizza. Switching gears, I went to pre-heat my cast iron skillet on the left back burner. The electric ignition was out so I had to lite it by match. When I put the lid on the skillet it bumped the control panel and that is when the explosion happened. At that point, the oven was officially dead.

So now there is no choice; I must get a new range. I was considering KitchenAids but after what happened with my 6 year old Kenmore Elite, I am just not feeling enthusiastic for shelling out the big bucks on a pair of ranges. The burner output on the KitchenAids are excellent and, considering what you get for the money, a great buy. Still, I think I am going to go with the GE Cafe’ Dual Fuel.

The KitchenAid

The advantages of both the GE and the KitchenAid is that they are designed like a slide-in; the control panels are on the front. Considering how my range demise went down, Babu and I think that all the high heat deep frying on that back left burner might have caused some stuff to melt inside the control panel. When I bumped it with the pot lid, it totally clunked.

I actually looked into the Bertozzoni Heritage (in cream) but the oven is not self-cleaning, the burner outputs are LOW and I am worried about getting it serviced when issues arise. We also considered a 60″ Viking but at $13,000, we really would need to find a deal. There was one in maroon available at a shop for 40% off, but 1) it was maroon and 2) it’s not all burner. I don’t want a griddle. I just don’t. Plus, I am worried about maintenance¬†costs.

The GE Cafe’, while not really impressive with the BTU’s, is comparable to what I have now. Plus, it looks better, is better designed, and the warming drawer is actually an oven that heats to 40o degrees.

Slightly goofy styling, non-impressive BTU's--A True American!

Still, we are not making any final decisions on the range for a few more weeks. We’ll see if any extreme deals pop up and what how busted our budget is then. In the meantime, it’s stovetop only for the Mirel family.


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