Not a Pretty Picture

Tomorrow I start my field work at Loften High. Also, this Saturday through next week I have finals. And as you probably know, I am constantly kitchen planning (finalized cabinets yesterday and purchased them on *3* different credit cards…nice).

On top of all this, someone I know and love has the big idea to go and turn 39 tomorrow! Who has time for that? I really would have liked to made my husband’s birthday *special,* especially since the sweetie went all out for me this year (awwww!), but unfortunately, timing is everything (hence, the use of quick and easy cliche’s).

With the oven out of commission, I hit the stovetop this afternoon–trying to at least get something cohesive cooked for my lovie bear. Since I haven’t been doing much full-meal cooking these days (just pasta and sabji or rice and sabji) and since I wasn’t able to give my family pizza on Sunday, I think he will appreciate my effort, despite its imperfections.

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy any special ingredients so it was *make do with what you have* style.  Here’s what I came up with:

Cheese Balls: Leftover spelt pizza dough from Saturday's aborted mission wrapped around a hunk o' mozzarella and then deep fried.

Beets with garden fresh dill.

Lime rice with cashews, asparagus and garden fresh cilantro.

Franz Kafka balls. Oh that is so Freudian, I think I just made Phillip Roth laugh.

Okay. True. I, too, hope it tastes better than it looks.

Happy Early Birthday, Babu! I love you!



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2 responses to “Not a Pretty Picture

  1. Tulasi devi

    Happy Birthday, Madhava Pandit prabhu! Sabji, if I’m really really good, can I come too?


  2. sabjimata

    Of course! 😉

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