Accent Tile

I don’t know what has come over me, but despite my appley good love for green, I cannot help but go with white as my accent color. White and white. Those are my tile choices. Kind of reminds me of the blush and bashful scene from that movie about all those southern white women. Anyway, I just cannot commit to a colored tile within my price point. All the greens I like are well above my $4 sq ft budget ($20-30 sq ft!). And to have such a permanent and bold element in my space, I don’t know how I feel about that.

Well, actually I do. Our master bath tile is blue. I am sure that in 1962, that seemed like a great idea. But now, well, it looks very dated. And blue. And not dated in a way that is classic but more in a way that is kitschy. And if this house had a different owner, one less tolerable of kitsch, I would warn that tile against walking down dark alleys alone at nite. I’m just saying.

So, for an accent tile to compliment and offset the 3 x 6 cheap white subway tiles, I choose 12 x 12 cheap white mosaic sheet tile. A’ la’ the following:

Can you handle the excitement?

And to top it off, I am feeling very gray. Am I under the influence of a Carrera moon? I don’t know. But white and gray seem to be my new interest. Very Florida tropical. Or not.


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