Oh, Now You’re Interested!

My husband took the kids to DC for spring break since I am stuck with nite and Saturday classes and the fun must go on. This trip was the first real airplane ride for the kiddos and I have to give my husband kudos for handling it alone. But what truly charms me is all of a sudden, now that I am spending five, if not tens of thousands of dollars on a daily basis, Babu is suddenly interested in kitchens. (For anyone who may be tempted to be green with envy over  my future kitchen, just imagine our debt and I am sure having green in your wallet will leave your feeling quite satiated and over it.)

So, for all these months now, I have been up late giving myself cancer, contemplating and re-contemplating every single detail for the kitchen countless amounts of time. Husband would listen when I would interrupt whatever non-kitchen design moment he was having to ask his opinion. Or more accurately, he would look in my direction while feigning a look of interest, undoubtedly propelling his focus inward, withdrawing from his surroundings (that being me and my laptop) into some kind of tortoise-like-kitchenless inner sanctum. In the meantime, I prattled forth, ignoring that he was ignoring me, talking into the air, imagining a world where everyone I loved breathed and sighed kitchens.

And then yesterday the man got interested. In the floor to be exact. He went on the Lumber Liquidators website, found the teak floor on clearance, implored me to destroy the rainforest and then drove me to a life of rainforest deforestation when I actually clicked to order 690 sq. ft. of flooring.

Unfortunately for us, the golden teak rainforest depletion flooring is on back order and will not arrive until June 3rd . I don’t know if that will hold things up in our world of remodeling, but the deal is good, so we are not going to cancel the order (joint executive decision).

In other purchasing news, yesterday I put down a 25% deposit on white carrera marble countertops. Originally I was going to go with Jackson Stoneworks in Gainesville, but, when it came down to it, they did not deliver on the price. Magma Granite & Marble out of Ocala, on the other hand, did. Ted Bullard is a cool guy to work with and he is giving me a great price on the stone and fabrication, which is not common in the North Florida market.

Originally I wanted to go with honed marble because the look is so cloudy and soft but the slabs come polished so honing would actually be extra work. Frown. No problem. Once my tops are well etched, they will look quite honed.


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  1. sabjimata

    is that a cedar table my husband is eating at? hmmmmm…..

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