In Case You Didn’t Know

I don’t know if I ever shared this with you, but I really like marble counter tops. No, I do. I never told you? Hmmm, I wonder how that slipped my mind.

I have a collection of pics gathered here and there around the googlesphere. This sampling is nice because it not only shows a variety of style applications for white marble in the kitchen, but also does an adequate job underscoring the inadequacy of “nice” as a descriptive.

Double white fireclay apron front sinks. And marble.

White cabinets. White range. White marble countertops.

This isn't cararra. Don't think it is danby. Maybe calacutta?

Marble, white cabinets, chandelier. Shabby chic. What I am really liking here is the narrow dining table. Hoping to have something similar for our breakfast nook. Marble top, of course.

It is not visible really in this pic, but this kitchen has white uppers and dark lowers. I like the bold colors tempered by the mellowed honed marble.

This is the kitchen of one of Martha's top people from MSLiving. Would any other flowers have made this scene any lovelier? Probably not.

Greenery, lightness and grounding dark wood floors.

This kitchen is quirky. Not my style but fun to post. Taking high ceilings to an extreme.

Modern mitered edge.

Again, narrow islands or tables---I love the slim profile.

This kitchen is kind of dark (ya think?) but the marble definitely works to lighten it up. this is the second kitchen pic I saw today with a pendant hanging down smack in the middle of the kitchen, over nothing but bare floor--and I think that's odd. And dangerous for tall people. But honestly, I love the Chicago faucet and lab style sink. Anything evocative of troughs makes me happy! Like, fill that sink up with salad, give me a fork and I'd be good for the day. Really, i am an easy houseguest.

This kitchen is kind of dark (ya think?). But the marble tops and window certainly do lighten it up a bit. Strangely, it is the second pic I came across today with a pendant light hanging down smack dab in the middle of the kitchen over nothing but bare floor. Do only short people walk here? Possibly. But the real zinger for me is the Chicago faucet and lab-style sink. Honestly, anything that conjures up images of a trough is good in my book.

Children, please find the location of these sinks and when I die, please spread my ashes in them. These sinks remind me of India.

Did I ever tell you that my Nana and Papa were pharmacists? There was even a Bialow 'sPharmacy in NY somewhere. Queens? I don't know. Now we'll see if any of my relatives read this blog...

I am actually not a fan of anything in this kitchen other than the stone choice. I am particularly unfriendly towards turned table legs (although I think they are on my dining room table) and ogee edges.

Minimalist, modern, eclectic.


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