Hood, Niche, Cruet, Backsplash

The first purchase for the kitchen has been made. It is official. I have been itching to buy the range hood because the price is so so good–$1600 for the shell, the rough in kit and a 1200CFM blower (OH YEAH!)..and the damn thing has been discontinued by Broan. Well, that sure as hell isn’t stopping Sears from trying to unload it!

Just so you know, I decided to be kind of tacky about the remodel and talk money, because, well, don’t you always just wonder what stuff costs? I really feel like I am doing a lot of value engineering and am not ashamed to share my finds with you.

First purchase for the new kitchen: 60" Broan Rangemaster Hood--DISCONTINUED!

I have spent the evening with my tape measure, range hood specifications and a bevy of niche pics, much like this one. While the niches may not necessarily be anything spectacular, I can tell by the tile the sizing and use that info to figure out the dimensions of my own recessed niche.

This niche is rather shallow in depth but, as you can tell from the 1" tile, the niche is about 13" in height. In addition to recessed kitchen niches, I have probably looked at every single cruet for sale online at present, vintage ones included. Measurements noted, centimeters converted.

Crème de la Cruet: This green stoneware cruet from France is my absolute favorite. I spent a ridiculous amount of time tonite searching for it online. I found it in white. I found it in blue (that, let me tell you, was a feat). However, the only green one I found was in this pic and as far as I know, it is not for sale. Oh, love the backsplash, btw.

Revol La Provence Cruet, Not In Green

Vert Emile Henry Cruet, vous êtes belle. However, you are not as beautiful as the one I cannot have.

Lookie here! The medium green tile from the post earlier today...well here it is all by it's lonesome! It is a couple of bucks more per square foot (two, to be exact), but is still affordable as an accent tile. Come on, $4 a sq ft. for glass tile? Good God!

My budget pro range set-up. I know, pretty GHETTO-FABULOUS! The drawing shows how the accent tile is going to go. The green will go on the inside of the niche and as a border up the side of the wall's edge. The other side of the wall will be all green.

Hmmm….now I am rethinking the backsplash. What do you like better, the solid green or the mosaic green? Don’t hold back, please!



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3 responses to “Hood, Niche, Cruet, Backsplash

  1. Kera

    If the price of the solid green is too expensive then I think your decision is made for you – go with the mosaic.

  2. sabjimata

    Thanks, Kera. The solid is a little over 4 a sq foot. I have 55 sq feet for the green, so it is more than I wanted to spend, but not really insane and I think it will add some kitchen cheer to the day in and day out of life.

    Yes? No?

  3. Kera

    Well, if you can swing the price for it…. then I don’t know… I like the mosaic because it’s not overwhelmingly one color. But I do like that color green and it would look great all by itself.

    My other problem, besides loving everything insanely expensive, is that I can’t make up my mind.

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