Backsplash Opinions Wanted

The Backsplash I Love

I really am taken by the above backsplash. It  is so clean and simple and old fashioned and modern and rustic looking. I love it. I cannot find it online, but no matter. I couldn’t afford it.

But look what I did find:

The Backsplash I Can Afford

Teeny tiny pic. Sorry. Can’t get it larger. This is a glass tile by a really design savvy company (will post more on them later, their tile is very chi-chi looking). Shockingly (yes, I am literally in shock…bzzzt!), this tile is way cheap. Two dollars a square foot cheap. That’s about twenty five cents cheaper than the cheap tile I plan on doing in the kitchen.

I couldn’t have the whole kitch this since it is a bit evocative of a 1940’s bathroom, but how about as a little fun kick to the backdrop for my white fireclay sink? It would adorn a roughly 25 square foot of space coming up out of the center of the island (behind the range/other side…see floor plan for reference).

So, help me out. White subway all around or a splash of ivy green tile, on the cheap? If you vote “yes” on Proposition Cheap Green Glass Tile, please let me know if you have any suggestions for the range side of the wall. White? Green? There will be a recessed niche there…white with green? Probably not, but I am open to your vision…and any Photoshopping of a backsplash onto some mock-up that you may (or may not) want to do for me (or do not).

Come on, don’t be a wus. Help me plan my kitchen!



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5 responses to “Backsplash Opinions Wanted

  1. Kera

    When we did our kitchen remodel there were so many tiles I LOVED. And, like you, I always love the most expensive thing. Picking out the tile was the most difficult decision of the remodel. I liked all sorts of colors, I seemed to be particularly drawn to bright blue and sea foam. I have no idea why. But I kept telling myself I was limited in what colors I could paint the wall if I went with a specific color of tile. I really liked my current pumpkin walls so I went with tile that complemented it but still left me open to other paint options if I should ever get bored with it.

    I like the green tile you picked over all white. Visually I’m not sure how it would look to do one area in green and another in the white subway. What if in the area of just white you added a few green tile accent pieces? The problem is they are different size tiles, but maybe somehow you could make it work. That way it wouldn’t seem like such a striking difference, but rather an intentional fade in/out of the two tiles.

    Did that make sense?

  2. I like color. Put in the green backsplash! I’m not a designer though and only remodeled a kitchen once because it was hideous (coral pink walls and wallpaper with a fruit border!).

  3. sabjimata

    Kera–Yes! Too many choices, definitely. Thankfully, I have a budget to help limit my options 😉

    I think what I am going to do is take your advice and add some green behind the stove. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Cristina–Was it lickable wallpaper? I am excited for my green. Oddly, I am pretty much keeping the same color scheme as my 1962 current kitchen. Maybe it’s not that bad after all, heh-heh!

  4. heather

    That green mosaic tile you like I think is Moroccan tile, not glass tile. We have an outdoor table made of Moroccan tile and I love the look of it, but the finish color is just a glaze on top and is cracking up in some area (because water gets behind it when I’m not religious about sealing up any grout cracks).

    I love the colors and interesting shapes and designs!

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