Fortunately, Unfortunately: My Kitchen Edition

Fortunately, I have a terrible kitchen to remodel.

Unfortunately, it will take a good amount of money to make it better.

Fortunately, I found Jackson Stoneworks to be a marble fabricator that is pleasant to deal with and can give me a good price on carrera counter tops.

Unfortunately, when I talked to them about making me a custom marble apron front sink, they sounded sketchy about it.

Fortunately, my husband said, “Why don’t we just do soapstone?” for the sink.

Unfortunately, M. Texeira Soapstone is in Jersey City.

Fortunately, Florida Joshua from Creative Soapstone is in Florida.

Unfortunately, I thought the look of stained wood cabinets, white marble counter tops and the un-oild gray of the soapstone sink would look bad.

Fortunately, I found a Schuler door style that was affordable enough to get in white paint.

Unfortunately, I was quoted more than I expected by Creative Soapstones.

Fortunately, our house appraised for the same as the purchase price.

Unfortunately, I received a call today saying that our house is in a “declining market” and we are getting 5% cut from our loan amount as a result.

Fortunately, our monthly payment will not be as high (this is what the loan person told me…like DUH!!! It won’t be as high because we are not borrowing as much. Like, I know you are not doing me a *personal* favor!)

Unfortunately, she was not doing me a personal favor.

Fortunately, M. Texeira Soapstone could fabricate and ship the same sink to my door for about $700 less.

Unfortunately, I now had $10,000 less money to spend on my kitchen.

Fortunately, the folks at Jackson Stoneworks decided they could in fact make the marble sink.

Unfortunately, I don’t like the look of white painted cabs with a white marble sink.

Fortunately, I can’t afford that many white painted cabinets now anyway.


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  1. Those are nice kitchens. I would probably cook more if my kitchen is like that.

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