Finding My Niche

After much back and forth in my decision making process, I have decided to go with a built in niche above my range. The range will be on the island, with a tiled wall rising up behind it. On the other side will be the spit sink with wall mounted faucet, so I am not sure how this will all work out since the plumbing needs a place to mount. I figure the faucet will be mounted 8″ up from the countertop (I counted out the subway tiles on my old kitchen pics to figure out the height since Tenant-from-Hell never did get back to me with those measurements). So niche will have to begin somewhere above 8″. I think that should work. And considering my range is not the fancy-fancy kind but rather the regular, plebeian variety, there is the control panel to account for.

I’ve been cruising the internet, looking for representations of above cooktop niches. Here is what I found:

Metallic tile niche. Fancy and functional.

Drop. Dead. Niche. Lacanche. Le puff, le heave, le pant.

Niche over nook.

Arch and shelf. A niche for tiny things.

Recessed box, shelf. That simple.

Over-the-top niche.

This is what I am talking about. White subway tile, simple arch. We shall see...


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One response to “Finding My Niche

  1. Hi! This post is excellent! Thanks for sharing it. I have recently started my own blog with the intent of finding my niche over the next 12-months. I’m new to blogging, so if you get a chance, check it out. I’d love to hear any feedback, or input you may have!
    Thanks again, and keep posting, I’ll be back!

    Lee-Ann 😉

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