Kitchen Servitude?

Decisions, decisions.  We finally got back the results of our home appraisal. Thankfully, twenty months after we closed on our home, the house has held its value. This is good news for our HELOC. To make the kitchen remodel happen, we would need to take $12,000 out of our PA house. The good thing about HELOCS are there aren’t any closing costs. The bad thing is that the interest rate is a bit higher than a refinance.

So now I have to decide whether or not to go forward. I know that, in the end, we will move on the renovation. I want to do it before I have a full-time job so that I can oversee the details. Also, if the economy recovers or, if the economy further tanks, prices for materials and labor can drastically increase. What to speak of the interest rates not staying this low forever.

On the con side, I will be responsible for earning a big portion of the loan payment. This is kind of scary for me since the last full-time job I held was in 2000. And, instead of being a servant to my family, I will become an indentured servant to my kitchen payments.

It’s difficult to fathom right now. Between subbing and classes, I am averaging 57 hours a week in some sort of classroom. I am exhausted, sick and run-down. Possibly beat-down, as well. To think of having to work is…very American. I never really considered myself much of a patriot.

Another reason to move on the kitchen now: the range hood. I will need a 60″ range hood and Sears has one that is an excellent price. And discontinued by the manufacturer. All other range hoods in this size are about $4,000+ more, so now is a good time to move. I really love this set-up in this kitchen pic, however. I like the hood encased in a subway tile surround. But to just buy the liner and blower for a cooktop this size would be out of my price range, despite the fact that it is usually a cheaper option then, say, a full Vent-a-Hood set-up. And then what to speak of the labor of the custom hood surround. Also, right above the hood will be a 12″ support beam. I am not sure how this will all work out, since the hood needs to be vented up but the beam cannot be cut into. The vent will need to go in front of the beam. It might look a little odd, but that’s what happens when you start moving structural walls.

Soapstone and marble, I love you. This kitchen, along with pretty much all the other pics here, have absolutely nothing to do with my kitchen. But still, nice having them all in one place.

Plain and English.

I love the openness of this kitchen. Right now, our kitchen is dead center in the middle of our house. And it will still be dead center in the middle once we remodel, but the hope is to open it up to the dining room area.

The Google Image title of this pic is “Perfect English.” What more to say than that?

This is my idea of a perfectly minimalist kitchen. Not very modern, but very clean. I love the 10 foot ceilings (or is it 12?), the creamy monochrome and the classic pendant lighting. Those polished brass ice box latches aren’t half bad either.

This is my dream. To age gracefully at my kitchen sink.

This is the remodel done to the above kitchen by the new owners of Katherine Hepburn’s house. I much prefer her WASPY, understated style, but understand that the new owners are entitled to their remodel. The marble apron front farm sink was definitely a spot on choice. Unfortunately, the marble fabricators we are going to use are uncomfortable taking on such a project. Fortunately, Florida Joshua is going to make me a killer custom soapstone sink.


Segbrown’s kitchen. I really love this Garden Webber’s Colorado remodel. Notice the larger sized RH cup pulls.

I love soapstone. I do. As a substitute teacher, I am always happy to visit the science lab and check out the tables. Recently, while subbing at a school this week, I visited the art room. Four ginormous soapstone topped tables made up the art space. I immediately went into drool mode. I don’t think people understand how amazing those tables are. I wish I had a camera on me when I visited. They are amazing. Did I forget to use the word amazing enough? Well then, let’s just say amazing INFINITY! (Padi ❤ )

Unoiled soapstone sink. That’s what I’m talking about.

UPDATE: While I was pecking away here at the keyboard, the city of Alachua called to tell me my permit has been approved and I can come pick it up anytime I’d like (they do close at 4:30, however). I dropped the paperwork off this morning and it was supposed to take 2 weeks to get the approval, so this is a surprise.

This kitchen is very sweet and looks like something a real person might actually enjoy.

It’s all about the farm table for me with this pic. Long and narrow.

Another tiled range hood.

I like the clock. I bought 3 Seth Thomas vintage advertisement clocks for over the white apron front dish sink. I haven’t decided whether or not I am going to spring for the electricity and have outlets installed for all of them or if they will be simply decorative. They are all in working condition and I love the smooth motion of the seconds hand. However, it would be very ungreen of me to have three clocks right next to one another running constantly. However, the entire remodel, from demolition to gross consumption, is very ungreen of me. And, unfortunately, although it does cross my mind daily, it doesn’t seem to bother me to the point that I am actually going to not go through with it. And that does bother me. At least once a day.


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  1. sabjimata

    It will be okay. Whatever happens. I promise. I do. I do. I do.

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