Getting Loquacious Over Loquats

Talk it up! Loquats. To me, taste a lot like green grapes. With some fuzz.

Awwww yeah! It’s loquat season. At least at the loquat tree in the parking lot of my husband’s work. Our own loquat tree doesn’t have much, by the way of ripe edibles, decorating its branches right now. But that seems to be how Florida works. A totally unpredictable schedule for plants.

Last February, our yard was an Eden of azaleas and camellias. This year, the camellia bushes all blossomed at staggered times and the azaleas are just now coming. Our loquat tree should be giving out tummy aches soon, but right now our only source is the parking lot tree.

My kids love to eat fresh picked fruits, veggies and herbs, so although I personally am surprised they love the loquat, I do think they love it in the best possible context: straight from the branch to their squiggle mouth, their tiny hands the only middle man.

Sweet Babu has been working on a garden with the kids. Not the fancy raised bed kind that is popular these days. We’re talking total nostalgia here–just a square of tilled yard planted in rows. My son even picked out a little fencing to surround it. Some from seed, some from seedlings, we have a good variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Through all the stages of our ag development, the kids have been involved. I am really happy my husband is doing this with them. I know we will still need to get vegetables from the market and I won’t be putting up jars of tomatoes, not from our harvest anyway. But I like that my children have this memory in the making. That they will watch the cause and effect of their actions grow. And that they’ll enthusiastically munch raw greens. All while having fun and walking barefoot through the soil.

If that’s what you can call the darker variety of sand that we have here in Florida.



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2 responses to “Getting Loquacious Over Loquats

  1. Saraswati

    What’s the difference between loquats and kumquats?

    • sabjimata

      They are about the same size, but the kumquat is a citrus and has a much more distinguished peel. The loquat is more appley (or, in my opinion, grapey). They both come from China and have Chinesey names. That’s all I know 🙂

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