My Figurative Bedroom Slippers & Pink Foam Curlers

My husband is on the phone with the credit card people finding out how many reward points we’ve racked up. I’m really hoping to get my KitchenAid stand mixer through this free money. We are going in Monday to the credit union to hand over our survey and figure out what the F is up with the interest rate listed on our HELOC papers.

In the meantime, I am revisiting old friends–bookmarked pages of things I will buy–for the remodel. I have gradually gone from high style/high cost items to more wallet friendly stand ins. Must. Be. Practical.

While there are many curtains @ Anthroplogie that I lurve, I really can’t afford to spend $2,000 on cotton rectangles. Nor can I find any way to justify going into debt for such a purchase. Believe me, I tried, but my husband threatened to make me get corian laminate countertops if I dared click “add to cart.”

After much soul searching (yes, that’s right…the internet is my Soul Mate), I have decided to buck the system of overpriced window panels and decorate my dining room with shower curtains. Yes. Shower Curtains. Did I stutter?

Shower curtains in the dining room? Kind of like wearing bedroom slippers and pink foam curlers to the supermarket. Obviously, I've hit bottom.

They’re not just for the bathroom anymore! Ideally, I would use 100% cotton curtains, but the pattern I am smitten by comes in half cotton, half polycancer. No worries. Our dining room is a tad dark and dismal, so the sheer quality of the synthetic will serve the room well. And the $20 a panel price tag will allow me to go over budget elsewhere in the project.

Just don’t tell my conscience husband.

UPDATE: We have almost enough points to get the mixer for FREEBIEBABY!!!!


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