Right about now I should be working on a Powerpoint presentation for some class I don’t even know the name of. But how can I concentrate when the fate of our kitchen financing is still up in the air?

Today we headed to the local credit union to apply for the refinance of our present home, which will save us loads of money in interest payments as well as get our mortgage paid off 10 years earlier. Also, we applied for our HELOC on our Florida home. In three days we will find out how far our awesome credit gets us. If we advance from that round, on to the home appraisal. This is the only loan shizzle we have to pay for out of pocket. Hopefully we won’t be paying for news that is too depressing.

To make it all work, we also need to refinance our PA house. Remember that one? The one that we are still trying to sell? Well, here is a refresher:

Oh, I how I miss thee!

Thankfully, we have a renter, so at least our monthly payments are covered (fingers crossed). But when we took that mortgage, it had a five year arm on it. And guess how many years have passed? Yup, it is getting time to refinance. Thankfully, rates are low, so it’s a great time to do it. However, we are also trying to get equity out so we can move ahead on the kitchen remodel. Did I mention the kitchen remodel?

It may never happen.

Or it may happen soon.

I am eager to have my house torn apart so by the end of the summer I can begin to reassemble the pieces. By then I will be done with my program and hopefully have a job starting up at a school. Oh, and by then I should definitely be done with this Powerpoint presentation!

You see, I find the whole kitchen thing very distracting. I have everything picked out, except for curtains and hardware associated with curtains. I have spent countless hours searching online for the best prices for every little thing I can think of. I have contemplated my layout over and over again. I have engaged casual friends in math equations to figure out how changing door styles of my cabs would effect my quote so I wouldn’t have to bother my cabinet guy since, well, I have no money to actually buy cabinets.

And I decided upon knobs. And pulls. A variety of such. I really want this to be my forever kitchen. How could I limit it to just one style knob? Or pull? Or finish? I couldn’t. Sure, as we get older, we have to make choices. And those choices essentially close off other avenues of pleasure in our life. However, I will not be denied a variety of pleasures when it comes to cabinet hardware.

Horton Brasses Cup Pulls

The larger sized cup pulls here (4″) will be used on a few drawer banks 30″ and under. On one stretch of white cabs will be satin nickel hardware and on a walnut stained island will be the antique finish, a pretty similar look to what I had going on in my old kitchen. These pulls are very affordable considering the quality and finish.

Sand Casted Victorian Cup Pulls from Horton Brasses

The pull on the bottom, in antique finish, was what I used on all my drawers in our old house. It looked so rich and lovely with the walnut stained pine Shaker cabs. They are decorative, affordable and remind me of my old kitchen. These pulls will go on two 12″ wide 4 drawer banks flanking the range.

Simple knobs from Horton Brrasses. I like the larger sized knobs. The satin nickel will go on the white cabs and the antique brass on the stained cabs. Frugal yet fashionable.

White Octagonal Milk Glass Knobs

These lovely knobs are surprisingly affordable considering they are vintage milk glass reproductions, not acrylic. My husband is not crazy about them and I do fear some sort of weird tactile reaction to the faceted surface. However, I am strangely drawn to them. Maybe it has something Freudian to do with milk. But I was never breast fed. But I did breast feed my kids. My daughter longer than my son. And she still remembers it. Hmmmm……

Anyway, these girls will be used on the white sink base cabs. The logic in this will become apparent once the bigger picture is made available. Which basically means once I get all three loans, have my house torn apart, have my house put back together again, photograph it and then blog it. So just wait.

Restoration Hardware

With hardware so damn expensive, you would think they could pay for some better lighting for their online catalog photographs? These pulls are nice because they come in a variety of widths. I will be getting them in 8″ width for 4 larger drawers. They push uncomfortably against my budget, so I am limiting myself with this hardware fix.

Satin Nickel Clear Glass Knob from Restoration Hardware

Again with the ugly treatment of the satin nickel in the RH catalog. I assure you it is not even 1/5th as ugly in real life. These knobs are lovely. And expensive. Again, I will only get four. There will be four doors of cabs in a taller height and narrower depth. While I cannot totally justify the design sense of this choice, I just cannot resist having my very own clear glass knobs to get filthy and clean.

So, there you have it. My choices. When I think about my knobs and my marble, I naturally think of Boyz II Men.

Now to work on my Powerpoint.



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2 responses to “Knobs

  1. Madhava Pandit

    But…That was OUR song!

  2. sabjimata

    don’t worry. you haven’t been replaced by cabinet hardware. 😉

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