Guess what? I work! Some days. As a sub. In middle school. And I think it is quite fun. Today I didn’t work. Today I took my kids to school. Forgot their lunches. Had to drive back to school with their lunches and then figured, “What the hell? I work!” and headed over to Ross Dress for Less. Where I got clothes for less than they would cost if they hung on department store racks. Hence, the name “Ross Dress for Less.”

houndstooth skirt

old lady print

neck warmer


my dress love

tomato blouse, cotton, better in person

top half of black long dress

bottom half of long black dress

white buddhist scarf

getting my thong on. for less.

jean jacket

rani pink vegan ultra slut bag

matching slut scarf

9 west. conservative yet cute.

vegan slut bag in grey faux croc



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4 responses to “ROSS DRESS FOR LESS

  1. gargs

    vegan slut bags- pretty funny

  2. Wow! Shopping spree! Love the grey skirt and the grey slut bag.

  3. Kera

    I tried Ross twice and didn’t have any luck. Perhaps I should try again because your stuff is cute.

    • sabjimata

      I think it differs from region to region. And it is definitely hit or miss. Which is why I buy stuff when I see it.

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