Vegan Rice Krispie Treats

A few of you have actually noticed that I have been MIA from my blog as of the new year. Thanks for caring! I have been busy doing the back to school thing at Santa Fe College. It is a night school program for people with a four year degree in something other than education who want to become teachers. Right now I am getting ready for finals and am looking forward to the two week break in between mini-semesters.

But that’s not all I’ve been up to! No. I have been doing other stuff, too, but it is pretty  much all a blur. One thing I do remember, thanks to photographic evidence, is that I was invited to celebrate sweet Shyam Bala’s 1st birthday yesterday. To add to the festivities, and to keep it simple in my kitchen, I made vegan Rice Krsipie treats. And because Shyamy’s grand-dad requested I post the recipe, here it is, a’la’ bad women’s magazines that publish recipes made from pre-fab ingredients. It is such a cheat and oh so American working mom.

Roy and Vegan Rice Krispie Treat Topped w/ Non-Vegan Whipped Cream. From a Can.

So if you think I am going to share a recipe with you how to make your own vegan marshmallows from scratch, stop thinking that. You will surely be disappointed. This is a total combine already made stuff kind of recipe.

Some of you may be bored already, but if, like me, you grew up in a household where grilled cheese sandwiches and mac n’ cheese were exotic foods only to be eaten at friend’s houses, then you will surely understand the de-mystifying appeal of the following “recipe.”


Get this, it’s just like regular Rice Krispie Treats, but with vegan subs!


10 oz. bag of vegan marshmallows, preferably vanilla’

2 tablespoons non-butter butter (Earth Balance)

6 cups Rice Krispies


Use a wide and tall pot. On medium heat, melt butter sub. Toss in marshmallows and melt, spreading around with silicone spatula or wide spoon. When marshmallows in a decomposed state, mix in Rice Krispies, off the heat and really mix well. Transfer to a lightly non-butter buttered glass tray and press. Cool and cut. Yum yum.



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7 responses to “Vegan Rice Krispie Treats

  1. Heather

    Just like the mac & cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches that we were not privy to in our youth, the home made rice krispy treat is a huge hit in our house too. My kids still cannot fathom that we did not eat these things when we were little. Sydney routinely asks me ‘what did you and Aunt Dana eat when you were little’. Ahh, little girl, it would take years to explain the complexities of Grandma Elaine’s kitchen! 🙂 LOVE YOU! XOXO heather

  2. Tulasi devi

    Sabji – you’re back! Hooray! And you’re studying to be a teacher. Wow, cool. Decided being a hot-shot lawyer wasn’t all it was made out to be, as you’d then have no time to make vegan rice krispie treats, right?


    • sabjimata

      hey there! lawyering would have surely been fun, but there is only one law school in the area and i was flatly rejected from it. but teaching seems to be something i am suited for. should be fun…school is definitely taking away from my kitchen time 😦 but we just gorged ourselves on artichokes with mango butter yum! hope all is fabulous in south africa!! xoxox

  3. Tulasi devi dasi

    I find it hard to believe that they declined an application from someone as articulate, determined and just plain off-the-charts brilliant as you are, but hey, it’s the material world, right? I love artichokes, and mango butter sounds simply yum.

    I wouldn’t choose the word “fabulous” to describe my life right now. Perhaps that old reliable chestnut “purification” would be more apt…but then again, have I told you how much I love roasted chestnuts?


  4. Jahnava Sundari

    Vegan Rice Crispies recipe?? I love you more than ever.

    Congradulations on your pregnancy! You make super cute kids. I’m glad there will soon be more of them 😉

    We’re planning to be in Alachua at the end of May. I’d love to catch up with you…

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