Hating the Desperate

Alright. So you may know I am not the most computer savvy. But this does not justify people’s uncreative desperate snaking my domain names. Sabjimatajam.blogspot.com got nabbed by some pottery freak. Okay. Whatever. I don’t care.

But I have been trying to renew my sabjimata.com domain name for months and that hasn’t worked out because the freaking host wouldn’t let me log in EVER! I couldn’t figure out the complications. Well, someone freaking took it for their freaking blog. BITCHES. I left a nasty comment filled with profanity and a reference to an Italian vegetable penetrating the new address owner. Uncouth? You bet you. But I am from New Jersey and will seek my revenge.

Feel free to leave hate comments for the unoriginal @ sabjimata.com


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