The Psychology of the Menu

The Menu @ Peter Pank Diner, Rt. 9

While Sarah Kershaw’s NY Times piece

In Search of a Formula to Entice Mind, Stomach and Wallet

is not the most earth shattering of news stories, it is a quirky piece of journalism highlighting the subtle choices restauranteurs make in today’s not so luxurious market. Any kid with a subscription to Consumer Reports (or a secret crush on Ralph Nader) could tell you that red, orange and yellow are colors that stimulate appetite and, not unconsciously so, were the original colors of the McDonald’s franchise. That’s why I’ll be painting my kitchen blue.

And any bubbe who’s shopped at a 99 cents store can tell you that she knew she was really paying a dollar for those crappy tchotchkes. Still, this three page article (don’t worry, they’re only online pages) is the kind of thing your 10 year old kids would find interesting and might even be fodder for a girl scout badge.

As for the descriptives mentioned in the article, such as citing brand names, I would rather stay home and juice my own orange.



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6 responses to “The Psychology of the Menu

  1. This is a topic I find interesting as well. Although I also love red, so that is the color I painted my kitchen. I like to run with scissors. 😉


  2. Man, look at that super sampler. I think I feel my arteries clogging just from reading that!

    I agree with you about staying home…and painting the kitchen blue for that matter!

    • sabjimata

      thanks, amy.

      the menu is from my childhood hometown diner, the peter pank, which, oddly, is the place my friend’s and i ate at all the time despite being vegetarian…hmmmm….guess we weren’t too concerned with purity back in high school.

  3. Heather

    Where did you get the Pank menu? Was this something you have carried with you all these years? I LOVE IT!!!
    Love the video too, by the way – you look exactly the same as you did when you were going through your punk phase. Excellent news for you – you have not aged a day! 35 in a week – pish posh.

    • sabjimata

      heath, i got the pank menu just from a google image search. 😉

      awww thanks for the kind words about my youthful appearance. i decided, instead of 35, i will turn 30 this year 😉

      thank you so much for the cutesy teapot. we all love it!

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