Gyoza Making Party

My birthday is coming soon! To get ready for the event, I was invited to a gyoza making party. Dumplings are my all time favorite yum so this was a great pleasure for me. I am too tired from the seasonal fun to do much writing, but here are some pics to hold you over until I recover my vim and vigor.

Thankfully, we had a real live Japanese gyoza master on hand so damn these dumplings were good! The filling was something like red miso paste, cabbage and seitan, all food processored together. Pan fried and then steamed, Ram totally proved his Japanese cred to us. Check out his all vegetarian version of Momofuku Dumpling Bar opening in Alachua soon!

Braj made some yum yum noodle dishes and summertime rolled with Padi’s version of Supreme Master Ching’s Vietnemese raw burritos. Mostly I just watched, messed stuff up or ate. It was a lot of fun!

Me and my dumpling.

Ram, the Japanese Gyoza.

Braj, the Noodle.

Ikeman Madhava & Ram the Japanese Gyoza

Saiko Padi making summer rolls.

Gyozo in the making.

Pishi doing the pleating.

Three trays!

My little teapot.

And look! My teapot #2…a tea for one pot from Saiko Padi. The collection is growing.

I’m hoping this one will be part of my collection soon….



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2 responses to “Gyoza Making Party

  1. This is off topic, but I feel sad to see Ching Hai (Supreme Master Ching) as a bleached blond. Not sure why, it just kind turns my stomache.

    The party looks fun, wish I could have come 🙂

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