Good Looking Cookies

Ho-ho holiday cookies over at the New York Times! This link has many beautiful cookie pics and will situate you only a click away from the recipes.

Have fun baking this holiday season.

Right now all I am slated to make is a few batches of brownies for the SICU at the VA hospital for the New Year’s Day shift. My birthday is the first week of January so I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

Ms. Barber's Blizzard

And who needs the New York Times when you have such talented friends as I do! Above is a teeny tiny sample of the wonderfully beautiful temptations that my friend, Lynn Eva Barber, conjures in the kitchen. And yes, I did say “conjure.” And no, I am not exaggerating. Or, for that matter, “exaggerating.”

Maybe Ms. Barber would be an example of grace and good tidings towards baking mankind and share the recipes to some of her eggless baking pleasures with us. I’m holding my breathe…



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    Good tidings? Who me?

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