Something Fishy

Fishy Pakora

Today was a busy day in the kitchen–six hours burger making. Wow, do I need a new kitchen. With another oven. And a sink large enough for a few five gallon pots to bathe in.

Come supper time my kitchen was feeling overstimulated. Still, hungry mouths needed feeding. It would be nice to feed the family a proper vegetable dish, but space was tight and I needed a surefire gimmick to satisfy my husband. That’s when I turned to my old friend, the pakora.

But with little choice of vegetables in the fridge–aside from arugula and potato…and the broccoli which I promised my husband I would make for his work lunch tomorrow–options were limited. I boiled the potato, mashed it up over some chopped fresh arugula and added spices, chickpea flour, baking powder, Bragg’s and crumbled toasted sheets of nori.

The results were pleasing. To my husband. The kids just ate rice.


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