The Collecting Has Begun

I didn’t mean to do it. Honest. We have no money these days. Actually, less than no money. There have been unforeseen expenses with my jam kitchen which is now a rental apartment. This thing called “Christmas”  is about to happen. And our house in PA still is our house in PA.

But really, it’s not all my fault. I blogged about teapots. Then my husband and I played Text Super Twist, which we have been playing practically every nite for the past week. For him, it is Nyquil; for me, it is  a double espresso.

So while husband was sleeping next to me, I was awake. Wide awake. With my MacBook on my lap. My friend Saibya, who’s mother recently passed away, posted on Facebook that her mom collected teapots and she would forward some my way. Isn’t that just so sweet? I am not a sentimental person, but somehow the thought of having my friend’s deceased mother’s teapots got me all choked up.

Stimulated and emotional, now I really couldn’t sleep. I began cruising eBay for teapots. And I found one. A not very expensive one. A very old ladyish one. And I bought it now.

For less than $12, there was no way I could resist. Okay, I exaggerate. But my purchase sounds more forgivable that way.

Cute, no? No chips, scratches or crazing, whatever that is. And admit it, it looks like it could be sold at Anthropologie for $98. On sale. Because that’s how much teapots cost from Antrhopologie.

Of course, if you’ve ever gone house shopping with me, you would know that I can always find something that I like. Two more teapots out of the hundreds that I looked at caught my eye. This one is very simple, very cheap and very cute.

This vintage Corelle stoneware teapot is only $10 @ eCrater.

Although easy on the wallet, I won’t be buying the cherry teapot since my wallet is in hock after buying the orange teapot on eBay. Sad news for me, since I also found this sweetie also on eCrater:

Red Wing Pottery Bob White Teapot: Baby Quail Side

Red Wing Pottery Bob White Teapot: Mama Quail Side

I was going to clandestinely purchase this teapot and hope my husband wouldn’t notice when it arrived in the mail, but then I figured that, for personal reasons, lying to my husband was not in my best interest.

Thankfully, my husband handled my confession of the eBay purchase well so as it stands now, I have a collection of one. And a lovely man to share my tea with.


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  1. I am a big fan of the Bob White deisign. Americana is my first love and these pieces are fun to collect.

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