Sabji For Hire

At the top of this blog is now a “Hire Me” page where you can get the lowdown on my pricing for personal chef and catering work. I am such a sucker when it comes to doing business that I really need to have my pricing in writing because, if I could have it my way, I wouldn’t charge you a cent for my cooking services. But then again, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have a varicose vein from standing on my feet so much cooking cooking cooking away. As you can see, my hourly rate is a small price to pay for a bulging vein. Oh, and did I mention delicious meals?

Check out the “Hire Me” page and tour the Sabjimata gallery of food which has all been cooked and digested long long ago. Sorry that I lack professional picture alignment skillz, Holmes, but just chalk it up to my jaunty personality. Speaking of which, you get to see a montage of pictures of not just food but also of my zany fresh wicked cool attitude. Which, admittedly, makes me feel so much like Liz Lemon taping the Deal Breakers intro.

***Okay, I just modified the tab for the “Hire Me” page. To hire me, you now click on “Eat Human Made.” I don’t want to sound desperate. Or assertive.***


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