Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Don’t forget to buy handmade lovelies for the holiday season. It is a very nice feeling to support the handiwork of stay at home moms…and I have a very handy and stay at homey ultra mommy friend who makes really interesting stuff for you to buy.

Cow Dung Paper from Govinda's Peace Farm

For instance, cow dung paper. That’s right. Paper made from cow dung. Did I mention that, in addition to her five kids, she also has a barnyard of animals? Well, I’m mentioning it now. Just think about how recycley cow dung paper is! Do it. Now. Think real hard.

Waldorf dolls. Not just for faeries. Boys and girls can enjoy these very cuddly, organicy totally natural dolls. And how much do you want to be that they probably involve wool from her very own sheep. Stop reading NY Times articles on slow living and buy this woman’s craftiness, would you!

Tinctures, puppets, handpainted clothing. If you could never even think of it, she sure as hell has it!

Leslie’s Etsy store is right here.


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One response to “Last Minute Holiday Shopping

  1. ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) Thanks for the plug!

    Sabjimata is the best!

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