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As some of you may already know, my computer had an accident. Or more accurately, I had an accident on my computer. With soup. Thin, brothy soup. My two year old MacBook was soaked, despite my valiant effort at blowdrying the keyboard. I let the machine dry out a few days, drove two hours to Orlando with my sweetie friend, and ended up sending the computer to the recycling center. Very, very sad. But, on the upside, I did purchase my first article of clothing from Anthropologie. A dress, in plum, on sale. Every thorn does have its rose.

Luckily, a MacBook Pro had arrived recently in the mail from my brother-in-law, so we were not completely computerless. But the  new arrival was an older model and was missing iPhoto, what to speak of all my stuff. Thankfully, I had backed up my computer not too long ago.

Yesterday, as an early birthday present, my husband applied for a Best Buy card and bought me a new MacBook (this time a Macbook Pro). I recently reconnected with a super nice friend from back in my unhappy college days (ahhh, Facebook). Jarrett is a manager for many things Apple store and he was generous enough to offer me on-phone assistance when the spill happened…as well as his friends and family discount for a new computer. What. A. Mensch. But Best Buy offered us 18 months of interest free financing, so, well, you know. We got me a new Mac.

I *just* reinstalled everything off my super unsexy yet totally ugly backup hard drive and felt soothed and caressed when my desktop picture of dhokla, dhanya chatni and khandvi filled the screen. Ahhhh. Nice to see you again, old friend, even if you have transmigrated to another (better looking) body.

Looks like most of my pics have made it through the cycle of birth and death. I am sure some got lost between the last back up and the soup, but I take so many, it is kind of difficult to notice. What I do notice is the absence of the 45 songs I downloaded the day before the soup hit the keyboard. Just more money down the American drain.

So let’s catch up a bit, shall we?

Roasted Red Pepper & Eggplant Stuffed Mushrooms

It’s citrus season in Florida (that’s how we can tell it’s winter). As you can see from the garnish of these stuffed mushrooms I made a couple of weeks back, Meyer lemons are in the house! A very lovely citrus, grown locally. We even planted some seeds so we can cultivate of our own citrus grove. What else are we going to do living here?

For more info on the suave and refined Meyer lemon, check out Julie O’Hara’s NPR piece: The Meyer Lemon: More Than A Pretty Face.

Since I didn’t have my very own personal computer to keep me busy, I took to the streets and did some cooking for pay. I hadn’t whored out my cooking services in a while, despite the not too occasional phone call requesting my private chefness. But getting a phone request minutes after spilling soup on my Mac, well, I didn’t have to check my Magic 8 Ball to figure out what to do.

Pea & Potato Samosas

It doesn't get any flakier than this.

Another call came in later that week from a family taking a whirlwind international trip to the sacred land of India. Snackies for airplane time were needed. I made a couple of things, including these yummy whole wheat pea and potato samosas. I totally am the anti-fan of frozen peas, which smell, to me, a lot like defrosting pee. Instead of weird, stinky dead peas from the freezer section, I choose to use dried peas, which have a very wholesome, legumey goodness to their taste. Very filling, they also travel better than stinkbomb frozen peas. A stick of butter for good measure in the dough made these babies ultra tasty. What to speak of the peanut tamarind chutney that went along with them. Bon voyage!

Which brings us to today. And the rain. The godforsaken, unrepentant rain. Padi and I, and a gaggle of children, went to the Alachua Farmers Market. I bought a lot of greens, since vegetable-wise, that’s what’s really going on these days. Organic bok choy and arugula filled my shopping bag. Padi went in big for some beets and oranges.

Braving the rain, with kids in tow @ the Alachua Farmers Market.

Stuff White People Like: Farmers Markets

Actually, Naya looked so farmers markety, that we were asked to leave. It was just too much, the market manager said.

Florida Fresh Satsuma Orange

On the way to our other shopping we devoured Padi’s satsuma oranges. Easy to peel, sweet to eat. It’s past midday and my fingers still smell like citrus.


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