On the Town

Okay. The title of this post is misleading. I live in Alachua. Which is a town. But I don’t really go anywhere in (or on) the town. I don’t really even go to the surrounding towns, of which I think there are two–High Springs (small town) and Gainesville (college town). The town I am talking about is Internet, Planet Earth. Because it takes a village, right?

So (my favorite transition word…did you notice?) here are some funsie finds from my time out on the Internet. Enjoy!

Tofu For Two is one of my newest favoritest blogs out there because of this:

We are Anni and Heikki, and we share a little kitchen in Kallio, which is a neighborhood in Helsinki, Finland. We like cooking and eating vegan food.

Sure, the almond lime cake looks good but that teacup looks *great.*

Is that not just so freaking cute? Finland! Adorable. All those double consonants and names ending in ‘i.’ Swoon. And there are very many punkish and/or Canadian blog friends of the Finns linked on Tofu For Two’s sidebar.

Elsewhere out and about on the internet I have found some very funny things. Funny ha-ha and funny strange.

Bad Menu is a picture blog sure to make you LOL (not literally, of course), showcasing restaurant gaffes in exchange for guffaws. Just take a peek:

Typos and boobs…two great tastes that taste great….oh, never mind.

In the funny strange department, is this AgWeb Blogs post. And I mean strange as a euphemism for freaking stupid!

Apparently, people in the meat world are interpreting Norah Jones’ song, Man of the Hour, as a anti-vegan, pro meat sex up. Well, just duh.

As Norah herself told Steve Inskeep on Morning edition, the song is about a dog. ‘Nuff said.

Speaking of vegans, my closest friend recently took the plunge and, not to be all bodily about it, looks freaking amazing. Which, being all bodily about it, has me contemplating the vegan lifestyle. I have to say that as far as an animal rights, or even compassion, stance goes, I think vegan makes the most sense. But as long as I have my husband and two kids, full on veganism seems…difficult. My friend says that when I talk about going vegan and how I don’t think I could do it (“What would I eat?”) that I sound like a meat eater. Ain’t it the truth. I think, however, that I will embrace the flexitarian ethos, except instead of eating the occasional dead flesh (barf) I will have the occasional pat of butter. But only on occasion. Or when I need to taste something before serving it to my kids.

Here is a cute little calendar that has been blogged by the LA Times. Honestly, I don’t know how cute it is. Sarah Kramer looks a lot like Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s, which is not a bad thing. And Jane, of course, is a vegetarian, so it’s all good.


And for those of you who cannot get enough of the cutie Jonathan Safran Foer and his big, bulging brains, check out Jon-Jon on Martha Stewart and click on the casserole video link. According to Martha, she also went turkey-free for Thanksgiving.

Since we are on the topic of Thanksgiving (I know, so last week), let’s just clear up a rumor that has been circulating in veg Facebook circles: the Obamas did NOT have a meatless Thanksgiving. You can check out the menu over at Huff Post. But hey, I’m still loving on that bold move they took for the State Dinner. Go, them.

And finally, I would like to share this little cartoon gem gleamed from the Facebook album of my brother-in-law, Paul Mirel. It’s funny, funny, as in ha-ha funny. Although definitely not ROFL or LMAO funny.



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4 responses to “On the Town

  1. dressel

    boobs are always good for a laugh.

  2. I feel you on the vegan thing. I have also contemplated and weakly tried to be vegan – I agree in many ways that it’s better health wise and also on the whole animal rights end. but really, what it comes down to for me… I really love cheese. and I feel like every time I say it I sound like the dumbass meateaters I encounter who, when I tell them I’m a vegetarian go on and on about how much they love a slab of dead carcass.
    but, I mean, at leat I’m honest about why I can’t/won’t do it… right??

  3. well, it’s been decided that i am a vegan poser. and i am comfortable with that. yesterday i went to a baby shower and ate vegan for the main preps, but when it came to the sweets…well, i mean, those rice krispie treats were made with vegan marshmallows!

    i am not big into cheese. or butter. and i really don’t even like milk. but when these things are ingredients in something…well…that’s why the lady is a tramp.

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