Sabjimata’s Booty

Our Family spent a lovely weekend at my in-law’s in DC. We left Florida late Thursday afternoon and arrived 13 hours later in the early morning hours of the Washington cold.

She is so damn tiny she makes my head look so damn big.

The Cousins, in DC

Our first morning there, we hung out with the relatives visiting from Brooklyn. In the cool morning chill we walked down to the Lowell School playground, where, for the most part, I was the only one freezing.

Anniversary Flowers

My son’s birthday is also my in-laws marriage anniversary. Every year Larry buys Betsy a flower shop’s worth of flora, which she then arranges in pots and vases throughout the house.

My in-law’s generosity does not end with flowers. I scored some pretty good finds from the basement on my visit.

It's a start.

Did I mention the directions are in Italian?

I was hoping this ancient waffle maker would be the cure for my waffle making blues. My mother-in-law is still using her aunt’s ancient blender…which must have been one of the first models ever produced. Yes, it is still going strong, unlike the crappy blender I bought at Walmart a few years ago.

I cleaned up the waffle iron and it sure heats up. Only problem is, my waffle skills still suck, despite finding this really cute site dedicated to vegan waffles.

Yes, it seems like the problem is not you, waffle iron. It’s me.

My GE Old School Waffle Iron

Danish Botanical Prints + Small Cherries

Rescued from the basement are these absolutely lovely Danish botanical prints, which totally remind my husband of his mother. Hmmm….maybe that is why they didn’t “fit” into the car. Hopefully they will find their way into a shipping container and meet their destiny in Alachua: my dining room wall.


The Husband's Art/My Heart

And did I mention how absolutely adorable my husband is? We went through his art portfolio from high school. Awww…..



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3 responses to “Sabjimata’s Booty

  1. dressel

    those are great prints. enjoy!

  2. Love those botanical prints! You are fortunate to have acquired them.

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